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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(187)Yuba County Police Departments
Yuba Community College District Police Department2088 North Beale RoadMarysvilleCA95901530-741-6771
Yuba County Police Departments
Marysville Police Department316 6th StreetMarysvilleCA95901530-749-3900
Wheatland Police Department413 2nd StreetWheatlandCA95692530-633-2821
Yuba County Sheriff Departments
Yuba County Sheriffs Department - Plumas Lake Substation1765 River Oaks BoulevardPlumas LakeCA95961530-743-5550
Yuba County Sheriffs Department - West Linda Substation5829 Feather River BoulevardOlivehurstCA95961530-749-7777
Yuba County Sheriffs Department / Yuba County Jail215 5th StreetMarysvilleCA95901530-749-7777
Yuba County Sheriffs Department Brownsville Substation16796 Willow Glen RoadChallenge-BrownsvilleCA95919530-675-0633
Yuba County Probation Department
Yuba County Probation Department215 5th StreetMarysvilleCA95901530-749-7550
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Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Yuba County California are public information and can be obtained from the courts, sheriff’s office, or any other public records office. These records can tell you if someone was arrested for suspicion of crime, and if they were, how they were arrested, and other information that you might need to know if you are involved in any way with the said crime. If you ever get pulled over, it is very important for you to have this knowledge, because it will tell you whether or not you should continue further on your way, or if you should just cooperate and let the officer take you somewhere else.

Warrant Records can tell you about any criminal activity that a person may have been involved with in the past. It is an excellent way for you to know whether or not a new neighbor you just met has ever been arrested for any criminal offense, or if this person is involved in any criminal activity. If there is a warrant out for their arrest, you will also know exactly where they live at this very moment. This is much more useful than just a name, since they will have a criminal record attached to their name, and be able to move around freely wherever they please.

Warrant records also give you detailed information about any civil cases that have been filed against any given individual. This can be used by employers to make sure that they do not hire someone with a criminal background, or it can be used by homeowners to make sure that they do not lend money to anyone who is on probation or parole. In some circumstances, a criminal record alone may not be enough to disqualify someone from employment or for a home loan, so a comprehensive search can certainly turn up some information that you would like to know.

Warrant Records can tell you if someone you know has ever been arrested for suspicion of any type of criminal activity. You can easily find this out, simply by doing a search online for local warrants. You will be able to see if the person was charged with a crime, and how many times. This is helpful, as you will want to avoid employing someone of this nature. In some cases, you will find that they are still employed, but it is worth checking anyway.

Warrant Records will tell you a lot about any criminal activity that a person may have been involved in. This includes not just criminal activity, but also things like DUI arrest warrants, sex offenses, and various other types of felony charges. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you will probably learn about it when you get a copy of the court docket. The reason for this is simple. If the person who is wanted on a warrant does not show up for their court date, the warrant will be made active, and you will have to go to the police station to pick it up and appear before the judge. It will give you legal advice regarding your rights, and can also let you know whether or not you have a chance to fight the charges against you.

Warrant records are used for many reasons, and the most common reason people search for them is to do a background check on a potential person they are going to hire to work with them in some capacity. For instance, if you are hiring a new nanny, an employer may want to know whether or not the person has a criminal record. You will also find that these warrants can be used for many legal purposes. If there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest, you will not be able to legally carry a weapon, and you may even be arrested for attempting to go free while you are in jail.

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