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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(149)Shasta County Police Departments
Shasta County Marshals Office1500 Court StreetReddingCA96001530-225-5600
Shasta County Police Departments
Anderson Police Department2220 North StreetAndersonCA96007530-378-6600
California Highway Patrol - Cottonwood Inspection FacilityInterstate 5CottonwoodCA96022530-347-1813
California Highway Patrol - Northern Division Office Area 1012485 Sonoma StreetReddingCA96001530-225-2715
California Highway Patrol - Redding Area 1352503 Cascade BoulevardReddingCA96003530-242-3200
Redding Police Department1313 California StreetReddingCA96001530-225-4200
Shasta County Sheriff Department
Shasta County Sheriffs Department1525 Court StreetReddingCA96001530-245-6165
Shasta County FBI Office
Redding California FBI Office1900 Churn Creek RoadReddingCA96002530-223-6473
Shasta County Probation Department
Shasta County Probation Department1525 Court StreetReddingCA96001530-245-6200
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How to Search the Details of Someone’s Warrant

Warrant records are one of the most important public records you can access about someone. The only problem is that they are not very easy to find in a timely manner when you need them. There are many legal reasons for the creation and maintenance of a record. In this article, we will cover the basics of searching for warrants in Shasta County California. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Warrant Records are created by a judge when a person is arrested and there is suspicion that he or she has committed a crime. The suspect is placed under arrest and taken before the judge for an arraignment. The suspect can plead guilty or not guilty when it is time for the arraignment. If the defendant refuses to enter a plea, a trial will be set and the defendant will have to enter a plea on their own rather than entering a plea of “not guilty”.

An arrest warrant is issued based on the suspicion that a person has committed a crime. The warrant is not carried around like a mobile phone so it cannot be mistaken for a lost card or lost wallet. The warrant can only be found if the person is arrested and the warrant is served at the police station where the arrest was made. Warrant records are filed with the local court and they will be available for public inspection after a year from the date of arrest. People can access this public record to see if they have a warrant for their arrest based on the date of their arrest.

The first place most people look for the warrant is at the local courthouse. The courthouse usually keeps arrest records on file and can be accessed quickly to see if a person has been arrested. However, these records are usually very outdated and are only available during certain hours of the day. A much faster and reliable way to access these records is through the internet. There are many online services that can do a national search of a person’s warrant history.

For example, someone wanted to know if a person had an outstanding warrant against them. They could run an online search by using the person’s name and the keyword “expired warrant.” This would return a search result containing the warrant, the date it was issued, and information about the person who the warrant was against.

In addition to searching for a person’s criminal background records, a background check can also be conducted using the same information. For example, a new neighbor recently moved into the neighborhood and someone needs to know if he or she has a criminal background. By running a person’s name and keyword for “criminal background check” this online search can return records about this person. It is extremely easy to find out the truth about anyone’s character just by running a simple criminal background check.

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