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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(282)Drew County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Drew County Probation Department309 U.s. 425MonticelloAR71655870-367-3201
Drew County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Drew County Sheriffs Office210 South Main StreetMonticelloAR71655870-367-6211
Arkansas Game And Fish Commission Law Enforcement - Southeast Regional Office771 Jordan DriveMonticelloAR71655870-367-3553
Monticello Police Department101 North Church StreetMonticelloAR71655870-367-3411
University Of Ar Monticello284 University DriveMonticelloAR71655870-460-1083
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Access to Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Drew County, Arkansas are maintained by the Arkansas State Police and they are a very valuable source of information. These records can tell you a great deal about the activities of someone. If there is an arrest made, this will show on their record. A warrant will show that a person has been arrested for a crime and that they have been committed to jail. It can also show that they have been arrested on suspicion of murder or other serious charges.

Warrant Records are not only used by the police but they are kept by anyone who is involved in criminal activity. People like politicians, business people and attorneys have access to these records as well. Anyone can obtain a warrant for a person who they believe is committing a crime. It can be applied for online or through the mail. There are many reasons that warrant searches may be conducted; such as tracking down people who may have disappeared, determining if someone is who they say they are or searching for information about a missing child.

There are two main types of warrants: criminal and civil. A criminal warrant records a person’s criminal activity. These records do not include traffic violations since they pertain to federal and state crimes. They do however include arrests for violent and non violent crimes and sexual offenses. These records will also show any prison time a person has served and any other convictions they may have had.

Civil records on the other hand, tell you about the person’s civil status. These records will contain details about any court orders, property liens, divorce decrees and more. They do not include arrests or criminal activity. This information can be accessed via the mail, online or at county offices.

There are many reasons that a warrant records are important. When hiring an attorney it is very important that you know what kind of records they have. If they do have criminal records then you want to make sure that they are the right type. If they do have civil records it is necessary for you to search for any other records that pertain to your situation. For example if you are interested in learning if a person has ever been prosecuted for a crime, you will need to access their criminal records first.

You can learn more about the warrant records that you are looking to search by contacting the local sheriff or police department. They will have all the information you need. To retrieve them there are two options. You can pay a fee to have a background check conducted or you can search online for information. In most cases you can get the same information both ways. The best option is to use an online website that provides access to public records from every state.