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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(512)Woodruff County Police Departments
Augusta Police Department116 South 2nd StreetAugustaAR72006870-347-5189
Woodruff County Police Departments
Cotton Plant Police Department110 Central AvenueCotton PlantAR72036870-459-3650
Mccrory Police Department109 North Jackson StreetMcCroryAR72101870-731-2421
Patterson Police Department123 Main StreetMcCroryAR72101870-731-5057
Woodruff County Sheriff Department
Woodruff County Sheriffs Office500 North 3rd StreetAugustaAR72006870-347-2583
Woodruff County Probation Department
Woodruff County Probation Department500 North 3rdAugustaAR72006870-347-5206
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Woodruff County Sex Offender Registry

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Warrant Records in Woodruff County, Arkansas are maintained by the Arkansas State Police and are available to anyone who requests them. These records can be requested from the Sheriff or other law enforcement offices directly. They also serve as an invaluable source of information to the public and to legal professionals. All arrests in Arkansas are recorded and logged in the Arkansas Statewide Crime Information Center (ASIC). This is where warrants for arrests are documented and investigated. People researching warrants or a history of criminal activity in any area of the state should conduct a search through the ASIC to verify the person’s name and to learn more about their crime.

What is a warrant? A warrant is a legal term that describes any official arrest made by a court of law. It indicates that a person has committed a crime and that formal charges are pending against that person. In Arkansas, there are specific laws that define when a person’s name is legally considered a warrant. First, if a person is arrested on suspicion of a crime in another state, other than Arkansas, they are assumed to have been charged with warrants. Second, if a person’s name is listed on the national sex offenders registry, then they may also have a warrant out for their arrest.

There are many reasons that someone would want to obtain criminal activity records. Some individuals are hiring employees, but not everyone applicants are screened carefully for employment. A background check is not available for all applicants, so an employer can’t be sure of the character of a potential hire until after they’ve had a chance to meet the person. By conducting a record search, the employer can determine if the person has a history of criminal activity or if they are a safe person to hire. In the case of a sexual assault, a victim can press charges against the alleged assailant and get their own criminal records checked.

Before a person can get a copy of a person’s name, they must provide some basic information. First, they must provide the name, address, date of birth, social security number, and any other information that could help the person obtain a copy of a person’s name. Usually, people are asked to provide this information voluntarily. Sometimes a document such as a utility bill will be requested in order to check the person’s name. In Arkansas, a police officer has the authority to request these documents, but most people allow the records to be obtained for free.

When requesting free warrant searches, it is always wise to check with the local courthouse in the county the person lives in. Most counties allow the records to be accessed online. A simple click of the mouse will display a list of names. To find a person’s name, type in their full name, including the state they live in if they have one. Some records, however, do not have exact replacements and will display only the first name and last name of the individual.

After a person’s name is entered into the search box, the results will show whether or not the person has a warrant out for their arrest. If there is a warrant, a photo of the warrant will appear next to the person’s name. It will also show the crime the warrant is associated with. If the crime is a first offense, the record will indicate the charge, date of birth, and county the crime was committed. Some warrants may only list the name of the person who is accused, and the crime may not even be a first offense.