Ouachita County Arkansas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(363)Ouachita County Police Departments
13Th Judicial District Drug Task Force135 Jackson Street SoutheastCamdenAR71701870-836-0906
Ouachita County Police Departments
Arkansas Game And Fish Commission Law Enforcement - South Central Regional Office500 Ben LaneCamdenAR71701870-836-4612
Bearden Police Department20 North 2ndBeardenAR71720870-687-3413
Camden Police Department - Substation1 Police Drive SouthwestCamdenAR71701870-836-6494
Chidester Police Department5265 Arkansas 24ChidesterAR71726870-685-2902
East Camden Police DepartmentNorth Womble AvenueEast CamdenAR71701870-574-2900
Stephens Police Department103 North 1st StreetStephensAR71764870-786-5480
Ouachita County Sheriff Departments
Ouachita County Sheriff's Office109 Goodgame StreetCamdenAR71701870-231-5300
Ouachita County Sheriffs Office145 Scott Alley SouthwestCamdenAR71701870-837-2200
Ouachita County Probation Departments
Ouachita County Probation Department145 Jefferson Street SouthwestCamdenAR71701870-837-2275
Calhoun County Probation Department232 North Adams AvenueCamdenAR71701870-837-1140
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Warrant Records – Find Out if Someone Has a Warrant Out For Their Arrest

Warrant Records in Ouachita County Arkansas are one of the most requested public records. People who would like to find out if someone they know has been arrested and put under investigation in any way, or even for any other reason, are now able to search through thousands of pages of public records on this database. They have access to a large number of different kinds of personal information. For instance, if you want to look up any kind of criminal background check, you can do that. If you would like to see if someone has ever married and divorced, you can view those records as well.

Many people ask if there are warrants out for their arrests. In the case of warrants, they will show up on a city, county, or state document. They will have the words “warrant” and their arrest date on the document.

It can be scary to know you have a warrant out for your arrest. Many people are innocent until proven guilty, but that is not the case here. If the person you’re looking at has committed any crime, that will be on their record, whether they admit it or not. Sometimes a person can be accused of something they did not do, but it ends up on their record anyway. It’s not really their fault.

Warrant records can help protect you, your family, and your property. If there is a person that has been arrested and there is a warrant out for their arrest, it can be hard to prevent them from coming back. In the past, the only way to keep them away is to keep the person’s name off of your business and personal records. In some states, you can’t do this at all. However, today there are new ways to keep track of a person’s criminal activity.

When you search for these records online, you will be able to access them easily. You will be able to see all kinds of information about the person. Some sites will give you basic data, such as the person’s age and name. Other sites offer more detailed information. This can include court records, warrant searches, mug shot records, sex offender records, and many other pieces of information.

These records can tell you if the person has ever been convicted of a crime, or even has a pending case against them. You can also find out about any warrants that are out for their arrest. It can be a bit overwhelming when you start looking through someone’s history, but with the help of an online background check service it can be very simple. You can use keywords related to the person you are looking up and then the system will generate a comprehensive report for you. It’s always important to make sure you have the correct information before you release someone into your care, so running a criminal record check is a smart move.