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The lovely (and often seriously creepy) world of dating has been delivering stories that are worthy of novel writing for ages. We’ve all heard them. The good. The great. And the…less than desirable outcomes that have been reported from those panic ridden first date scenarios.

We take a look at some of the most interesting and laughable experiences that daters share online.

A Bad Case of the Dates is basically a collection of the WORST dating experiences ever heard of. You could literally sit and read for hours on end and never tire of the (sometimes horribly scary) funny stories that creep out there.

Here are our top picks:

1.) Friday the 13th – So this one didn’t really make it to the date stage but the guy has some GREAT humor. The girl basically had an issue with going out on a date on Friday the 13th and wanted to reschedule. When she started mentioning other possible dates he continuously had excuses why it was a bad omen to go out on “Monday the 22nd” etc. and told her that he needed to first get some advice from his black cat who sometimes talks back to him when he speaks to it in Enochian. It just goes to show that there is still humor to be found in the weirdest of situations.

2.) Lisa tells a story about how a guy wanted to play a prank on her when he came by to pick her up for a date. After first honking on the horn to let her know she had to come outside he kept jerking the car forward every time she tried to reach for the handle to get in. She told him that he had to back up to her or she wasn’t going anywhere. Seems like she pushed his limits though, because by the third time she told him to back up a little more he shouted at her that she could forget it and she was high maintenance and then he proceeded to just drive off.

3.) Misty has a hilarious story of how she went on a first date with Jose whom she had met online. In his online profile he mentioned that he had an extra finger. When the date started out (in a beer brewery) she enquired about the extra finger that he obviously didn’t have. Jose proceeded to pull down the fly of his pants in an attempt to show her his extra digit which was located next to his privates. They tasted beers. They left and she never contacted him again!

Do yourself a favor and browse through some of the hilarious dating tales that never cease to amaze here: www.abadcaseofthedates.com

With that out of the way, let’s enlighten you with a few case studies we followed about the world of online dating, the good and the bad, and how people rated this overall experience.

The website www.independent.co.uk has an interesting case study where they found that people in general feel safer and less vulnerable in an online dating setup. Individuals reported that billboards and TV advertisements were the number one sparks in their curiosity towards the online dating world.

Furthermore the website www.greenbook.org published a case study where they measured up the usability of two very popular dating websites: E-Harmony and Match.com. In the report they found that:

      • Users tend to be a little let down by the matching abilities of the sites when it came to putting together the best possible matches.
      • Individuals felt that the use of technology to replace a humanly process a.k.a meeting new people was degrading in a sense and made one lose touch.

While the world of online dating can sometimes lead to beyond perfect first date encounters it can also be a recipe for disaster. Always ensure you read up on your date, have an escape route and let friends know where you are going before you embark on the first steps in this brave new world. At the very least online dating can turn into a fun experience that becomes a great new topic for conversation at real life human encounters.


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