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Public Records in Crane County Texas

Public Records in Crane County Texas can be obtained at various offices. Vital records are maintained by the clerk of court. Contact the clerk by phone, mail, email or in person. The official eGovernment site provides access to all public records that have been maintained since 1903. The county was established in 1890 as Tom Green County. Its population is around 4000. Historically, the area was populated by Native Americans, but later absorbed the settlement of Anglo-Americans.

UNT Libraries is a public library that serves the university and fosters information literacy. The databases contain links to similar items. In addition to birth and death records, the site also includes cemetery records, census data, and family history and military information. Because Crane County was created from Tom Green County in 1887, it is home to many historic sites. Cemetery records are interesting to research because they provide valuable information on personal relationships, religion, and family history. The local clerk is responsible for keeping land records and can be found through the Texas Land and Property Department. The FamilySearch Catalog lists microfilm copies of deeds and other county documents.

The online Crane County Texas web site contains various public records. Birth, marriage, and death records are just some of the topics you can research. There is also census information, family history, and military information. The county was formed in 1887 from Tom Green County. The clerk of the County Clerk’s office keeps land records. These can be found at Texas Land and Property. You can also view a list of all the microfilm copies of deeds in Crane County.

Various public records in Crane County are available online. You can access these records for free. If you are looking for birth records, marriage records, and death records, you can find them through these services. You can even access military and family history data. The cemetery record is another useful resource for genealogy. It includes information about religious beliefs and relationship. Finally, land records can be found through the clerk’s office. You can access these records through Texas Land and Property. If you are searching for land deeds in Crane County, you can check the FamilySearch Catalog and download these documents for free.

The web site also features other public records. These records include business, contractor, birth, and criminal, and many others. Most of these records are available for free at your local county office. The county clerk’s office will help you find the information you need. There is also an inventory of the public documents in Crane County that will include all the public documents in the county. It is important to note that the UNT Libraries are a good source for information.