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Public Records in Titus County Texas

If you are looking for public records in Titus County, Texas, you will find them easily. The Titus County Clerk’s office provides online access to official public records. You can obtain public documents such as assumed names, liens, bills of sale, marriage licenses, and voter registrations. If you cannot obtain the information you are looking for online, you can visit the office in person or order copies of documents by mail. To obtain certified copies of the documents, you will have to pay a fee.

The State Police maintain a sex-offender registry. The registry contains the names and addresses of incarcerated sex-offenders, as well as their offenses. The public can review these records. In addition, it is possible to search for sex-offenders in the area of your residence. You can also order copies of court records, including divorce and sex-offender register details.

To obtain these documents, you can write to the county clerk for access. If you do not have the exact name, you can check the county clerk’s website for the information you’re looking for. If you have any questions, you can also check out the FamilySearch catalog to obtain microfilm copies of land records and mortgages. Furthermore, you can learn more about the people in your Titus County, Texas genealogy, including biographies, church and government records, and military information. For more information about the area, you can go through the Mount Pleasant area newspapers through the Portal to the History of Texas.

The Titus County Texas courthouse and other courthouses provide information about criminal records, marriage and divorce records, property and sales, census, and family history. You can also look into a person’s background and see if they are a drug addict or a violent offender. The Titus County District Criminal Courts also provide public criminal records, as well as information about pending or dismissed cases.

There are many ways to access Titus County, Texas, court records, and more. You can look up criminal court records, public census information, and other important details in a local government website. You can also search for a particular person’s name using Google. For the most recent court records, visit the Titus County Courts and Archives Commission site. You can also look for people’s criminal records on public websites.

The Titus County Courts offer many services for free. You can obtain copies of marriage certificates and divorce records. You can also look for incarcerated sex offenders in your neighborhood. You can search for the details of a person living in Titus County, TX. You can also view a person’s military history in the Mount Pleasant Police Department. The documents in this section of the county are available for public viewing.