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Where to Find Public Records in Newport County, Rhode Island

There are many different sources for obtaining public records in Newport County. These sources include the city offices of the Recorder of Deeds and the town clerk offices. The latter two locations maintain vital records, such as marriage and divorce records, as well as real estate records. While these records are not as complete as those found at the state offices, they are still quite valuable. These websites also provide access to aggregate data that may be useful for some purposes.

The following websites provide access to Newport County’s public records. You can search the State Public Records page or any of the city or topic pages. The city or topic page will provide links to the state’s courthouses and directories. Other resources include general information about the courts, Rhode Island legal research, self-help, and local court search links. Other online resources include inmate searches, driving and parking records, and municipal and traffic violations.

These websites also contain information on divorce and marriage certificates in Newport County. The searchable index includes a link to the court’s website where you can find the details of the parties involved in the divorce. The hyperlinks on these sites will take you to the relevant third-party websites. The website also provides links to other sources of judicial information, so it is important to visit these sites frequently. For the most accurate and up-to-date records, click on the city or town’s page listed at the top of the list.

The city or town clerk is responsible for maintaining Newport County’s public records. The County Clerk maintains these records to help citizens make informed decisions. The office’s duties and responsibilities are defined by state and local government statutes and charters. The public can access these records through the links below. They are regularly updated by the editorial staff of the site. Please note that the websites linked will open in a new window.

There are many places to obtain public records in Newport County. The town/city clerk is responsible for preserving real estate records. Each recorded document is given a sequential document number and book and page number. The document is available as a scanned image and indexed for searching. By using the indices on these websites, you can search for criminal and civil cases in Newport County. This will allow you to learn more about the parties involved in a case.

The district court in Newport County is a trial court. Its members are elected by the county’s mayor. Besides, the district courts in the county are the ones that hear all types of criminal cases. These documents are available for public viewing through online services. By searching for these records, you can learn about criminal cases that have occurred in your area. In addition to criminal cases, these documents include family and divorce records.