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How to Access Public Records in Kent County, Rhode Island

There are many ways to access Public Records in Kent County, Rhode Island, and there are many sources of these records. You can search criminal, marriage license, and tax records for individuals and businesses. You can also check out the courthouse’s online portal, where you can view court files from other jurisdictions. You can also find information about liens and mortgages, and you can even see military discharges and payroll records.

In addition to these general public records, you can also find information about felony cases, domestic violence, and juvenile delinquency offenses. If you’re looking for someone’s criminal record, you’ll want to start with the local courts. The county’s clerk’s office maintains records of all court proceedings, from marriage to divorce to civil matters. The clerk is also responsible for maintaining documents for the state’s court system, such as dockets.

Public Records in Kent County are available at the Kent County clerk’s office, which is open to the public Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. You can also submit your request by mail, but you may need to include an application form, a fee, a copy of valid identification, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. The clerk’s office will be able to provide you with the records you’re seeking for a fee.

The Kent County Superior Court clerk maintains and updates the court’s records. She attends all hearings and creates all documents pertaining to the courts. She is also responsible for receiving fines and court orders in criminal cases. To obtain these documents, you can contact the superior clerk’s office or visit the Kent County courthouse. To access these public records in a single click, visit the Rhode Island Judiciary’s Public Portal.

There are many other public records in Kent County, Rhode Island. You can view these documents at the various courthouses. You can find criminal convictions in the courts of the city. In some cases, you can even find the name of the person’s parents. It is important to remember that juvenile delinquency crimes can range from minor offenses to serious crimes. Regardless of the severity of the crime, the sentence for juveniles will vary based on the number of charges, how many convictions, and the circumstances surrounding the crime.

The Kent County Superior Court clerk attends all hearings in Kent County. These documents are essential for legal research and will help you locate the correct court case. The clerk also receives fines in criminal cases. To get a copy of a criminal record, you will need to pay a small fee. Some of these fees are not free, and it’s possible to obtain these documents for a small fee.