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Where to Find Public Records in Leflore County Mississippi

If you’re looking for vital records, you can find them in Leflore County. The Clerk of Circuit Court has copies of court cases and marriage records dating back to 1844. The Clerk also issues marriage licenses. Tax Assessor/Collector maintains original tax records. The Health Department maintains birth and death records going back to November 1, 1912. You can find these records by calling the Health Department. The Health Department also has military discharges and voter registration information.

If you’re doing genealogy research, you may want to consider using a public service. The Leflore County courthouse provides public access to court records for Leflore County residents. The Mississippi Department of Corrections has access to all Leflore County criminal court records. A fee may be assessed to access these records, but the fees are nominal. You can also search for marriage records and divorce records by post. The cost is $4.50 for a CD.

The Court of Appeals oversees all lower court cases, including those in Leflore County. Standard court records in Leflore County are delivered by mail, fax, or email. However, you can only access official court records by mail. The state does not allow delivery of scanned copies of these records. The best way to request a copy of Leflore County court records is through the state office in Greenwood. This location is located in Leflore County.

You can also look up sex offenders in Leflore County. The Chancery Court clerk in the town of Greenwood is responsible for maintaining the probate records dating back to 1845. Moreover, if you’re trying to get a copy of a marriage certificate in Leflore County, you can contact the Chancery Clerk in Greenwood to see if you’re married to someone who’s been arrested in the county in recent years.

The local court clerk of Leflore County is in charge of all marriage records. She oversees 82 trial and superior courts in the county. Hence, the marriage records in the county are kept in the vital records office. They include birth certificates, death certificates, divorce certificates, and marriage licenses. These records can also be used in statistical analysis. If you’re looking for public records in Leflore County, you can easily find them in the state’s Department of Health.

The Leflore County court records include criminal activity in the county. There’s information about sex crimes in Leflore County, including murders and rapes. Additionally, the area’s justice court has a sex offender registry. If you’re trying to find information on a person, you can use this search tool. The county’s website will contain all the information you need.