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How to Access Public Records in Union County Mississippi

There are several ways to access Public Records in Union County Mississippi. These records can include marriage licenses, death and divorce records, court dockets, payroll, military discharges, and other vital information. To access these records, you must be a citizen of the county. If you are not, you must contact the union county office to obtain a copy of the records. The offices listed below can assist you with this process.

Local City and Town Halls provide administrative services for the local Union County. They maintain information regarding judicial cases that have been filed or are pending. The information is available online through the Mississippi State Public Records. Visit the Mississippi Court Directory for more information about the courts in the state. You can search court dockets in Union County by offender id. If you want to search for a specific offender, visit the local jail to find the record.

There are specific rules when purchasing public records in Union County. You must visit the county’s Clerk’s office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You must also present a photo ID to purchase the records. You can use a driver’s license or state ID to obtain a copy of the records. When ordering the records, you must fill out a request form, which includes the information you want.

If you need to find the location of a person, you can visit the Clerk Chancery Court in the county. These records contain information regarding marriages, births, and other important events. You can search for criminal records in Union County, Mississippi by searching offender id or a person’s ancestors. These records may include other important information, such as a court case. You can even search for a birth, death, and other vital statistics.

If you would like to view the records of a person, you must go in person to the Union County Court. It is important to bring a photo ID with you if you plan to visit the county offices in person. The County Clerk’s office is located in the Union County Courthouse. You must provide this photo ID before you can buy the records. This will help you to obtain the records in Union. Once you have the photo ID, you can access the information in the County.

You can also look for Union County Court Records. These records are documents, files, transcripts, and other information that can help you track down a person’s past. Using these records can be a great way to trace a person’s past. You can even search for a birth certificate if you need it. Regardless of the purpose of searching for public records, you can get the information you need.