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Public Records in San Juan County Colorado

There are several resources to access public records in San Juan County, Colorado. The Denver Probate Court and the Denver County Juvenile Court are located in this county. These courthouses have online databases for birth, marriage, death, and census records. While there is no known history of courthouse disasters in San Juan County, the eastern-central portion of the county was in New Mexico before 1861. If you’re trying to trace your family’s history, these records can be useful.

San Juan County’s County Recorder’s Office contains historical land records. Employees at this office can help with searches of current and past owners of properties. However, they cannot search for these records on your behalf. Telephone inquiries can only be answered for limited information, such as parcel ID numbers or current ownership. Legal descriptions, such as legal descriptions, will not be answered over the phone. If you’re looking for an address of an offender, you should visit the office in person.

The San Juan County Recorder’s Office also maintains historical land records. Staff can help you search by name or property address. You can also obtain a birth certificate, marriage license, and divorce records from this office. Foreclosure sales are available in the county, and you can search for the property you’re interested in by providing your name. You can even research genealogy with the help of this office. If you’re searching for a home address, you can also look up a property’s history through this county.

In addition to land records, you can access public records in San Juan County through the Sanju County Recorder’s office. While this office can help you find current and historical ownership information, they cannot conduct searches for you. You can call the offices directly, but keep in mind that they can only provide limited information. For instance, if you’re looking for a legal description of a property, you’ll have to visit the courthouse in person.

You can search for land records in San Juan County through the Sanju County Recorder’s office. The county recorder’s office has historical land records in the county. They can help you with current and historical searches. You can also search for a property owner by requesting a property owner’s name. In addition, you can also locate a home’s tax assessment and payment history. A home’s tax assessment and a home’s deed can give you a better idea of who owns the property.

The San Juan County Clerk’s office houses historical land records. This office can provide information on the current owner of a property. You can also search for a convicted sex offender by name. These are the most common types of land records you can access in San Juan County. The county clerk’s office can also help you find a birth, marriage, or death record of an individual. The office is located at PO Box 466 in Silverton, CO.