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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
San Juan County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
San Juan County ClerkPO Box 466SilvertonCO81433970-387-5671
San Juan County Marriage License1500 Greene St.SilvertonCO81433303-387-5671
Silverton Town Hall1360 Greene StreetSilvertonCO81433970-387-5522
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Married Couples82 (32.2%)
Unmarried Couples12 (2.1%)
Never Married Men135 (47.4%)
Never Married Women20 (9.7%)
Separated Men2 (0.7%)
Separated Women
Widowed Men
Widowed Women35 (17.0%)
Divorced Men42 (14.7%)
Divorced Women45 (21.8%)

What Can You Learn From Marriage Records?

Marriage Records in San Juan County Colorado are considered public information under the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, they are readily available to all who are interested. You may request a copy of the relevant marriage records by going to the concerned office or by requesting the records from various other sources.

The Freedom of Information Act, 1966 allows individuals to receive copies of documents of personal or public interest provided that they meet certain requirements. The most important requirement is that the records must be retained for one year. After this time period has expired, the records become public domain and are available for anyone to obtain. However, the laws and regulations governing the access and use of such records vary from state to state. Some of the relevant points are discussed below:

Each state has a different procedure for retrieving the records. In Colorado, if you have applied for a marriage license, you can obtain the records from the Marriage Licenses Office. Similarly, when you apply for a marriage certificate, you need to visit the county clerk’s office and obtain a copy of the marriage license. Marriage records of a civil union are recorded at the Office of the Clerk Recorder, but marriage certificates of the state are not available.

Most of the states maintain separate marriage records for civil unions, which are not recognized as legal marriages by the federal government. In some of the states, divorce records can also be obtained from the Clerk of Court. In some states, the marriage record is retained with the final judgment of the court. However, you may not obtain divorce records or final judgment information without first consulting with the County Clerks Office. Divorce records are also available with the state law enforcement agencies and through commercial information providers.

Many people are interested in the details of their ancestors and want to obtain marriage records of them. These records are available from the vital records office. The fee of obtaining this information varies according to the type of information that you want to obtain. Marriage records and other vital records are maintained at the county level and are often only available after paying a nominal fee. If you need the records of someone else such as a former partner, sibling, or parent, you will have to get in touch with the County Clerk Recorder’s Office for fees applicable to the records you need.

Marriage certificates are used for a variety of purposes. Some people want to find long lost relatives and friends. By searching through marriage records, one can easily obtain information about past marriages and relationships. Other people search for information about a possible love interest. While many people would like to know all about a potential partner’s past, they are not usually concerned with the details regarding a past marriage unless they come across information that they deem relevant. However, if you are involved in a legal relationship and want to know more about a person’s marriage history, it is better to consult the courts or obtain the services of an attorney to obtain this information.