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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Preston County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Preston County Clerk101 West Main StreetKingwoodWV26537304-329-0047
Kingwood City Hall313 Tunnelton StreetKingwoodWV26537304-329-1225
Masontown Town HallMidway AveMasontownWV26542304-864-5555
Terra Alta City Hall701 East State AvenueTerra AltaWV26764304-789-6664
Tunnelton City Clerk75 Bank StreetTunneltonWV26444304-568-2992
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Married Couples6,823 (54.9%)
Unmarried Couples853 (2.7%)
Never Married Men4,849 (33.2%)
Never Married Women2,831 (20.6%)
Separated Men327 (2.2%)
Separated Women281 (2.0%)
Widowed Men471 (3.2%)
Widowed Women1,714 (12.5%)
Divorced Men1,640 (11.2%)
Divorced Women1,759 (12.8%)

Reasons Why You Need to Know Marriage Records in Preston County West Virginia

When it comes to looking for the records of a person such as your past or future spouse, you will certainly not be limited to searching in just one place. For the most part, you have to travel to different locations in order to locate marriage records or civil unions of the kind. Although you may find some results when using your computer, it is still best if you could make a trip to the actual place where these vital records are kept. This is essential since you would surely want to check on the details provided by the records before making any kind of financial transactions. This is also very important since you have to ensure that your partner is not already married before entering into any kind of legal contract with him or her.

In the United States, marriage is a legal contract entered into by two individuals who are legally allowed to marry each other. Hence, it is a legal document which is recognized internationally. Aside from the fact that it is a legally binding agreement, it is also a way to ensure that there are no issues arising in the future. This is where having marriage records in Preston County could come in handy for you and your prospective spouse.

As stated earlier, marriage records would provide you with your peace of mind. Thus, you would have no reason to worry about whether or not your partner was telling the truth about his or her identity and whereabouts. You would know exactly what to expect from your relationship since you would definitely know if the person was legally permitted to marry. Furthermore, the marriage license would confirm that the couple actually went through the process of legally getting married.

You would also be able to determine if the person who is going to be the bride or the groom is the right person for the job. It could be a good idea for you to hire the services of an attorney who has years of experience when it comes to handling such cases. Although there is no need to worry about the costs since there are many companies offering their services, you would still need to find out the fees they charge. In addition to the cost, you would also need to determine whether they would be asking you to personally sign the marriage license.

Having the marriage records in Preston County would also give you peace of mind whenever there are people trying to contact you. This would be particularly true if you are working. Most companies usually require that you give them your personal information in order for them to obtain your employment application. If you do not have marriage records in Preston County, you would not know if the company you are applying to is reputable or not.

There are many reasons why you would need to get marriage records in West Virginia. One is to ensure that the person you are dating is not just an online stranger. Two would be to protect your family. You would not want to leave your children alone with a married individual who may be having someone else’s children. Last but not least, you would want to have peace of mind whenever you travel to other states and do not know if the person you are meeting is genuine or not.