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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wayne County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Wayne County ClerkPO Box 38WayneWV25570304-272-6359
Fort Gay Town Hall3407 Wayne StreetFort GayWV25514304-648-5246
Kenova City Clerk1501 Pine StreetKenovaWV25530304-453-1571
Wayne County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Wayne County Clerk Website
Wayne County Divorce Certificates & Decrees
Wayne County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples8,284 (50.8%)
Unmarried Couples727 (1.8%)
Never Married Men4,514 (27.6%)
Never Married Women3,633 (20.7%)
Separated Men248 (1.5%)
Separated Women425 (2.4%)
Widowed Men851 (5.2%)
Widowed Women2,352 (13.4%)
Divorced Men2,076 (12.7%)
Divorced Women2,821 (16.0%)

How To Run Marriage Records In Wayne County West Virginia

If you are wondering where to find marriage records in Wayne County, you have several options. Most people use the state records office in Richmond for information and convenience, but they often have limited access and records are only updated every year at most. The online resources provided by the Freedom of Information Act make it possible to access all of the data you need for a fee, but these services are often not up to date.

The best way to obtain records in Wayne County is through the courts. All of the county’s legal documents are maintained electronically, so you can request them from the courts directly. Marriage records are one of the most requested items and they are maintained on an ongoing basis, so you will not be disappointed. The fee is minimal and well worth the amount of time you save when doing research yourself. The information contained in these records is comprehensive and current, so you will get complete and accurate results.

The clerk of court’s office has public records available, but they are rarely updated or printed. This means that you may have to rely on other sources. The best resource to find marriage records in Wayne County is online. Many websites offer free searches to get you started, but keep in mind that these records are not guaranteed to be accurate. Some of the data that you will receive can be incomplete and unreliable.

Free marriage search sites are helpful because they provide all of the information you need in one location. If you know the names of the couple and their parents, you can use these sites to locate the records for each parent. You can also use a search engine like Google to find the information you are looking for. The good news is that many of these sites allow you to conduct more than one record search, so you can run as many searches as you need to. If you only have the names and the state the marriage took place in, you can also run searches on that state with the same search parameters.

Once you find marriage records in Wayne County that you want to research, you will need to pay a small fee to access the county’s database. You will need to enter the information that you have found in the marriage records search form, which usually takes less than a minute. Once this is finished, the site will give you the information that you need. Some sites charge a fee if you want to download the information. The information is then sent to your email address.

You can use marriage records in Wayne County to check on the marriages of your own relatives. You can also use these records to locate friends who you did not contact for years. The availability of these records online has revolutionized how people get information about someone. The cost is much less than what it would cost to get records from a courthouse in another county.