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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Mason County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Mason County Clerk419 North 4th StreetSheltonWA98584360-427-9670
Mason County Marriage License411 North 5th StreetSheltonWA98584
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Mason County Auditor County Records
Mason County Auditor Marriage Records
Mason County Auditor's Office Website
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Mason County Recorder Marriage Applications
Married Couples11,604 (50.4%)
Unmarried Couples1,909 (3.2%)
Never Married Men8,699 (32.8%)
Never Married Women5,315 (21.1%)
Separated Men431 (1.6%)
Separated Women592 (2.4%)
Widowed Men782 (2.9%)
Widowed Women2,842 (11.3%)
Divorced Men3,859 (14.6%)
Divorced Women4,057 (16.1%)

How to Search For Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Mason County, Washington is confidential documents and they are kept by the state’s Department of Health. However, you can still perform a free marriage record search online to find out information about your own marriage from your own computer. The information includes the name of the bride and groom, their parents’ names and birth dates.

To find marriage certificates in the past, you had to go to the municipal clerk’s office in the county where the marriage took place. These were not always the best places to find this information because they would only have the marriage license and nothing else. The clerk’s office usually keeps old records and those that are disposed of. It also keeps information on the people who got married in the area.

The Freedom of Information Act made it possible for many states to share public records. With this, all fifty states are now able to pass down public information about marriages to a greater degree. You can also perform a free search online for marriage records in Mason County. These records include names, places of marriage, parents’ names, the marriage license number, and the filing status.

The first step to perform a search is to fill out an application. This will include details about you and the persons involved such as names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and a host of others. Your request will be processed if it fits the parameters set. You may be asked to pay a small fee when requesting information like this. Sometimes, this information is used for public reporting.

To make the most of the search, some websites provide additional information about the marriage records you are requesting. These may include information on the couple, parents, witnesses, and more. This allows you to dig further into the subject and learn more about it. Free searches online may not always yield all the information you need.

Some websites offer a fee-based service. This means that you have to pay before you gain access to the records. You usually have to provide the exact information provided by the record search to enable the site to get the record for you. The fee helps maintain these databases as well as update them regularly. Marriage records online are public records, which means that the information can be seen by anyone who knows how to access it. You are not obliged to reveal any information about yourself or your loved ones in order to find the records.