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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Columbia County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Columbia County Clerk341 East Main StreetDaytonWA99328509-382-4321
Columbia County Marriage License341 E. Main StreetDaytonWA99328509-382-4542
Dayton City Hall111 S 1st StDaytonWA99328509-382-2361
Columbia County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Columbia County Auditor Marriage Records
Columbia County Auditor Website
Columbia County Auditor's Office Marriage Licenses
Columbia County Divorce Certificates & Decrees
Columbia County Genealogy Records
Dayton Memorial Library Database
Washington Secretary of State Naturalization Records
Married Couples858 (48.8%)
Unmarried Couples180 (4.6%)
Never Married Men444 (26.9%)
Never Married Women329 (18.9%)
Separated Men12 (0.7%)
Separated Women30 (1.7%)
Widowed Men63 (3.8%)
Widowed Women253 (14.5%)
Divorced Men166 (10.1%)
Divorced Women260 (14.9%)

How to Access Marriage Records in Columbia County Washington

Marriage Records in Columbia County, Washington is maintained by The Office of the Clerk Recorder in the state of Washington. Marriage Records in Washington State can be obtained from the office of the Register of deeds Office in the state of Washington or from the Commercial Records Office of Washington, which is under the Department of State. Marriage Records in Washington State is retained by the government for the information of marriages that happened in the state for a minimum of three years from the date of the wedding. The official website of the Office of the Clerk Recorder of the King’s Bench is the official place for obtaining marriage records in Washington.

Marriage Records in Washington State are considered to be public information. Therefore anyone who needs this kind of information can obtain it from the relevant state record office. The records include names of the individuals and the marriage license and other relevant information. It also includes the date, place, cause of the marriage and witnesses. However, the records do not include any particulars of the names of the witnesses. This means that the information regarding the couple or the person being married, the names of the parents of the newly weds and witnesses must be provided by the person requesting for the record.

There are many reasons on why someone would seek information on marriage records. One reason could be to start a new relationship. With the help of this record you will know the prospective partner’s past. This is essential because you cannot trust everybody you meet. To prevent any misunderstanding, it is important that you get this information before starting a relationship with a person. Marriage records will let you see if the person you are about to marry is free from any previous marriages or not.

You might want to check if your significant other has a criminal record. With the help of such records you can easily find out whether he has a clean slate. Marriage records also have information regarding their parents. This is vital information especially if you have kids. You will be able to decide if you should trust your kids with their new spouse or not.

You can access marriage records in Columbia County Washington through two methods. The first method is to go to the courthouse directly and request for a copy of the record. The cost of getting a record this way may be expensive considering the fact that the clerk usually charges a fee for such service. The second option is to use one of the online record providers in the internet.

There are many online record providers in the internet who offer such services at very affordable prices. However, you need to be very careful in choosing the right provider. Most of these record providers are reliable but some of them are hoaxes. Make sure to choose the right provider before paying for information that could be used for something bad.