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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Dickenson County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Dickenson County ClerkPO Box 1098ClintwoodVA24228276-926-1676
Clintwood Town Hall248 Dickenson HighwayClintwoodVA24228276-926-6076
Dickenson County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Dickenson County Genealogy Records
Dickenson County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples3,123 (51.2%)
Unmarried Couples156 (1.1%)
Never Married Men1,705 (26.5%)
Never Married Women1,005 (16.1%)
Separated Men134 (2.1%)
Separated Women322 (5.1%)
Widowed Men325 (5.1%)
Widowed Women876 (14.0%)
Divorced Men852 (13.3%)
Divorced Women701 (11.2%)

Where Can I Find Marriage Records in Dickenson County?

A lot of people are curious about marriage records in Dickenson County Virginia. This is because the county seat of Dickenson is named after the man who was the first recorded husband and wife in the state of Virginia. So, what exactly does one learn about these records? How do they help you in determining your family tree?

First of all, the process of getting marriage certificates dates back to before the twentieth century. Many people were willing to do marriage ceremonies just to ensure their financial security in the United States. At that time, a lot of people were traveling back and forth between England and the colonies to have an opportunity to make money in the cotton plantations. Since marriages took place, there would be many people with questions about the legalities of it. Thus, the need for documentation grew and eventually came about the marriage certificate.

In Virginia, marriage records can still be obtained from certain offices. There are also certain websites that allow people to obtain these records. Some of the requirements needed for obtaining Dickenson County marriage records are a signature, fee and personal information on the application form. These are just some of the information that will be required when one makes an application for such records. If you meet the requirements, you should expect to receive your certificate within three months.

These marriage records will then be stored at the county office where the marriage took place. However, this can only happen in Dickenson County. This is because Virginia laws prevent other states from requesting for marriage records within the state. This is to protect the citizens of Dickenson County. The clerk in each county will also keep the records for a given period of time depending on how frequently applications are made.

Since most people use the internet to search for these records, you can access them very easily these days through websites. These sites provide information about the records that are available through them in great detail. Before choosing a website though, it is important that you make sure that you are able to search the records that you want fast and efficiently. You should also be able to check the details provided by the site and ensure that they have good customer services. After all, it is your money that you are spending so you might as well choose a reliable company or site.

These sites usually charge a nominal fee for their service but you will not be required to pay for the records that you find especially if you are not searching for an official record. You can expect to get results about the person who was married to you or someone who knows the person you are searching for. Most of the websites also have links to the county offices where the marriages happened so that you can get the necessary details. However, you need to be careful with the information that you find online. It is always advisable that you call the county office instead of relying on online resources.