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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Warren County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Warren County Clerk220 North Commerce AvenueFront RoyalVA22630540-636-4600
Front Royal Town Hall16 North Royal AvenueFront RoyalVA22630540-636-7474
Warren County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Warren County Divorce Certificates & Decrees
Warren County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples7,199 (50.7%)
Unmarried Couples852 (2.2%)
Never Married Men5,170 (32.6%)
Never Married Women3,714 (23.4%)
Separated Men378 (2.4%)
Separated Women803 (5.1%)
Widowed Men543 (3.4%)
Widowed Women1,521 (9.6%)
Divorced Men1,813 (11.4%)
Divorced Women2,090 (13.2%)

Marriage Records in Warren County Virginia

Marriage Records in Warren County, Virginia is one of the most informative types of public records a resident may request. In fact, marriage certificates are among the most popular types of public records available to the general public today. This is because marriage records have been kept by the county and placed online for all to access. These vital records are considered part of the public domain, which means anyone is able to obtain copies of them from the courthouse.

The marriage record in Virginia is considered to be an official public record, and as such, should be accurate and complete. All relevant information should be included, including the names of the couple, their parents and witnesses. People may also request to see the official copy of the records if they so desire, but must do so in person. This process requires a nominal fee.

Because this information is considered to be public record, everyone has access to it. Those who intend to marry can request a copy of it, which is normally provided for free. It is also possible for a marriage document to be declared void or illegal by a judge, following an official investigation. However, in these instances, the person requesting the records is not required to pay any legal fees. The records are considered public record, so one can access them for whatever purposes he or she may have.

A typical marriage record will contain the names of the bride and groom, the date of the ceremony and the location. It will also contain the parents of either party and their names, addresses and contact information. It will show where the wedding took place, whether it was held in a church or within the family’s home, and the name of the officiant. If the paperwork was notarized, the name of the notary is also noted.

Warren County marriage records are a great way to learn more about a prospective marriage partner. One can use this information to ascertain if they feel comfortable with them. If there was a history between two people, they can use this as a means of learning more about each other and the other person’s family life. If there was some sort of legal action involving the couple, it could lead to further speculation. This could give one an idea of whether or not they would want to spend the rest of their lives together.

A marriage record is something that everyone should keep track of. With the existence of various records, one can discover more about anyone they are interested in. These records can help one determine if they have a past that is worthy of friendship or love. They can also discover whether or not they are married in the eyes of the law and to whom. One can also obtain proof if they were ever investigated for suspicion of being married before or if they are currently being investigated.