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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Buckingham County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Buckingham Clerk13061 West James Anderson HighwayBuckinghamVA23921434-969-4734
Buckingham County ClerkPO Box 252BuckinghamVA23921276-645-7358
Dillwyn Town Hall1030 Main StreetDillwynVA23936434-983-2076
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Buckingham County Clerk Website
Buckingham County Clerk of The Court Website
Buckingham County Genealogy Records
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Piedmont Health District Department Directory
Married Couples2,612 (45.8%)
Unmarried Couples386 (2.6%)
Never Married Men3,227 (39.9%)
Never Married Women1,800 (28.6%)
Separated Men384 (4.7%)
Separated Women268 (4.3%)
Widowed Men370 (4.6%)
Widowed Women823 (13.1%)
Divorced Men1,068 (13.2%)
Divorced Women522 (8.3%)

Searching For Marriage Records In Bristol County

What is the purpose of marriage records in Buckingham County Virginia? These records are kept for the purpose of genealogy. It is also necessary for anyone who is planning to get married in the area to know about the marriage records and where they can find them. This may be of importance especially if one plans to get married abroad or to someone who was not born in this area.

A lot of people have their own reasons to search for marriage records. There are different reasons why people search for them. Some may want to find out if their prospective partner is married. Others may want to check if they have inherited any land from a previous marriage or just to satisfy their curiosity. Whatever the reason, the procedure to search and retrieve them is the same in all counties in Virginia.

To start with, you have to go to the vital records office in your area. Most of the offices will have a website where you can search and retrieve marriage records from their site. You can then browse through the results to see which county the person was married in. If you cannot find it there, you can try checking the website of the Circuit Court of Virgo. It is likely that the website will tell you where the marriage took place as well as the name of the couple.

Now that you know the county and state where the wedding took place, you can start your search. If you are going to use an online service, then you have to know that they are bound by federal and state laws. Hence, the information you receive will be accurate but it cannot be used for legal proceedings. For this reason, many people turn to the online records directories. However, this is not the only option available to you since you can also visit the courthouse where the marriage took place or request for a copy of the marriage records.

The next thing that you need to know is what you are going to do with the records once you have them. One popular method is to simply keep them at your home for reference purposes. This is not advisable, since marriage records are considered as public records and can therefore be searched by any person who has the authority to do so. Hence, if you are asked to produce your marriage record for any reason, it is advised that you produce it. It would be better if you could get yourself a marriage record on paper so that you can prove that the marriage took place. This will remove the problem of verification by the people you ask to verify it.

Finally, you can choose to download the file associated with the marriage to save it onto your hard drive. You can then keep the file in your computer and refer back to it whenever required. There are several online services that allow you to do this. Hence, you can search for marriage records in Bristol County Virginia in no time at all. You can even use the services of an attorney to get legal help in such a case as some records might not be found within your jurisdiction.