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Stafford County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Stafford County Circuit Court1300 Courthouse RoadStaffordVA22554540-658-8750
Stafford County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Stafford County Archives
Stafford County Cemetery Committee Website
Stafford County Circuit Court Clerk Website
Stafford County Circuit Court Vital Records
Stafford County Divorce Certificates
Stafford County Health Department Website
Stafford County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples29,838 (65.8%)
Unmarried Couples2,104 (1.5%)
Never Married Men17,599 (31.7%)
Never Married Women13,926 (25.2%)
Separated Men976 (1.8%)
Separated Women1,274 (2.3%)
Widowed Men813 (1.5%)
Widowed Women3,153 (5.7%)
Divorced Men3,751 (6.8%)
Divorced Women5,338 (9.7%)

How to Search for Marriage Records in Stafford County VA

It is extremely difficult to conduct a background check on someone because marriage records in Stafford County Virginia are not considered public records. Virginia only recognizes two types of marriage licenses, one being a traditional wedding and the other being a civil union. Although there was a law passed in 2021 that states anyone wanting to check up on someone can request to view their marriage records. However, this legislation has not gone over well with the courts, as they have ruled that anyone searching for information on someone else has the right to do so as well. The courts will only accept searches conducted with proper authorization.

In the past, it wasn’t easy to obtain these records, but due to the recent advancements in technology you can now obtain marriage records in Stafford County Virginia without any problems. There are several companies now offering the public records you need to search. You can find them by doing a simple online search. Some of these online search sites provide you with a wide variety of different records, while others may just provide you with the information you need and nothing more.

Before you can start your search, however, you will first need to find a suitable company to help you. The best place to start would be with the Better Business Bureau. This is an institution that keeps track of all bureaus that have been reported to have had numerous complaints against them for providing services that were inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated. The only way to know which companies are legitimate and which are not is to look at the BBB’s website. Once there you can choose from a list of the companies offering marriage records in Stafford County Virginia.

Once you have chosen a company to use you can search for marriage records in Stafford County VA by using their online records search feature. All you need to do is input the name of the person in question into the system and click search. Within a few moments, you will be given the results you need. The information provided will include the names of the couple as well as their parents and any witnesses.

The information provided is also going to show you where the marriage took place, when it took place, what the bride and groom were paying for the wedding and who the wedding was officiated by. All of this information makes finding these records very easy. If you want to search for these records online, you will simply have to enter the names of the couple into the appropriate fields and follow the instructions the website asks you to complete. Once you hit submit, you will be able to view the results almost immediately.

To make sure that the records you search are accurate, it is strongly recommended that you use a third party to assist you. Using a professional search site will allow you to save a significant amount of time. Also, you will know that the information is completely accurate because these websites will receive fresh information daily from every public records database. These sites are especially useful if you have become frustrated with the results of your previous attempts to search for marriage records in Stafford County Virginia. There is no need to stress out over something that you will have absolutely no control over.