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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Arlington County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Arlington County Clerk2100 North Clarendon BoulevardArlingtonVA22201703-228-3130
Arlington County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Arlington County Circuit Court Website
Arlington County Department of Human Services Website
Arlington County Divorce Certificates
Arlington County Genealogy Records
Arlington County Marriage Certificates & Records
Arlington Public Library Website
Married Couples38,858 (38.0%)
Unmarried Couples6,460 (2.9%)
Never Married Men43,936 (45.4%)
Never Married Women41,838 (42.6%)
Separated Men1,336 (1.4%)
Separated Women1,260 (1.3%)
Widowed Men1,189 (1.2%)
Widowed Women4,785 (4.9%)
Divorced Men5,793 (6.0%)
Divorced Women8,858 (9.0%)

How to Search for Marriage Records in Arlington County Virginia

You have probably heard a lot about the Freedom of Information Act and all of the problems that are associated with it but did you know that you can get copies of marriage records in Arlington County Virginia? These records have been around since before the formation of the United States and have become quite a tradition in many states as a way to keep records of marriages. When you are searching for these records in Fairfax or Arlington County, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right place to do business. If you are trying to find the records of someone else, there are a few things you should know.

The first thing that you should know is that there is a difference between what is considered a public record. Public records can be accessed by any citizen over the age of 18 who is requesting the information. All of the records will be considered public record unless there are some exemptions that a particular state or country has. For example, if you are from Canada you will not be able to get records of marriage in Canada and vice versa. The only exception would be if you were taking a Canadian citizenship and applying for immigration into the United States.

Once you know that the information is available, you are going to want to start trying to search for the marriage records in Arlington County Virginia. There are some options that you have as far as the search goes. One option is to try and do a search online. This may seem like a good idea but the results that you get online are not going to be very accurate. The problem with a free service such as a search engine is that they have no guarantee that the information is actually up to date.

If you are looking for an accurate source for finding the records then you may want to look into a paid service that will allow you to search for the records in Arlington County Virginia. The services that you will find will give you the ability to search for free to get a county-by-county information on marriage records. You can then pay a small fee to get access to the database which gives you the ability to search unlimited times for each record. Although these sites will charge a fee, they are still worth the money if you are looking for records. Most of the paid services are updated constantly so the information you get is always current.

If you are having some issues locating the marriage records in Arlington County Virginia then you can try and use one of the databases that are available. Many of these companies are membership based. This means that after you pay your membership fee you will have access to all of the records in the database. Some of these companies will allow you to perform a search on their website for free. Others will charge a fee but this is generally well worth it because you will have instant access to the information you are seeking.

When it comes to using these services you want to make sure that you find a reputable one. Many of them will charge a fee, but it’s usually well worth it. Most of the time if you use a reputable site you’ll have access to many different databases. This way if you have several counties in the area that you want to check you can enter them all at once and instantly get access to all the information you need. The information is easy to obtain and if you use an updated and accurate database then you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got the best possible record on any given person and the chances of accuracy are high.