Orange County Vermont Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Orange County Clerk Offices
Orange County Clerk5 Court StreetChelseaVT5038802-685-4610
Bradford Town Clerk172 North Main StreetBradfordVT5033802-222-4727
Brookfield Township Clerk40 Ralph RoadBrookfieldVT5036802-276-3352
Chelsea Town Clerk296 Vermont Route 10ChelseaVT5038802-685-4460
Corinth Town Clerk1387 Cookeville RoadCorinthVT5039802-439-5850
Fairlee Town Clerk75 Town Common RoadFairleeVT5045802-333-4363
Newbury Town Clerk4982 Main Street SouthNewburyVT5051802-866-5521
Randolph Town Clerk932 Vt RouteRandolphVT5060802-728-9787
Strafford Town Clerk227 Justin Morrill Memorial HighwayStraffordVT5072802-765-4411
Topsham Town Clerk6 Harts RoadTopshamVT5076802-439-5505
Tunbridge Town Clerk271 Vermont 110TunbridgeVT5077802-889-5521
Vershire Town Clerk6894 Vermont 113VershireVT5079802-685-2227
Washington Town Clerk2895 Vermont 110WashingtonVT5675802-883-2218
West Fairlee Town Clerk98 Vt Route 113West FairleeVT5083802-333-9696
Orange County Town & City Halls
Randolph Town Hall16 North Main StreetRandolphVT5060802-728-5433
Thetford Centre Town Hall3910 Vermont 113ThetfordVT5075802-785-2922
Williamstown Town Hall2470 Vermont 14WilliamstownVT5679802-433-6671
Orange County Marriage License Offices
Bradford Marriage License172 North Main Street, P.O. Box 339BradfordVT5033
Braintree Marriage License932 Vermont 12ABraintreeVT50607289787
Brookfield Marriage License40 Ralph RoadBrookfieldVT50362763352
Chelsea Marriage License296 Vermont 110ChelseaVT50386854460
Corinth Marriage License1387 Cookeville RoadCorinthVT50394395850
Fairlee Marriage License75 Town Common RoadFairleeVT50453334363
Newbury Marriage License4982 Main Street SouthNewburyVT50518665521
Randolph Marriage License7 Summer StreetRandolphVT5060
Strafford Marriage License227 Justin Morrill Memorial HighwayStraffordVT50727654411
Thetford Marriage License3910 Route 113Thetford CenterVT5075785-2922
Topsham Marriage License6 Harts RoadTopshamVT50764395505
Tunbridge Marriage License271 Vermont 110TunbridgeVT50778895521
Vershire Marriage License6894 Vermont 113VershireVT50796852227
Washington Marriage License2895, Vt Rt. 110WashingtonVT5675883-2218
West Fairlee Marriage License870 Vermont 113West FairleeVT5083
Williamstown Marriage License2470 Vermont 14WilliamstownVT56794335455
Orange County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Bradford Town Clerk Website
Braintree Town Clerk / Treasurer Website
Chelsea Public Library Database
Fairlee Town Clerk Website
Kimball Public Library Website
Orange County Burial Records
Orange County Divorce Certificates
Orange County Marriage Certificates & Records
Randolph Town Clerk and Treasurer's Office Website
Thetford Town Clerk Website
Town of Brookfield Website
Town of Chelsea Website
Town of Corinth Website
Town of Randolph Marriage Records
Town of Strafford Website
Town of West Fairlee Cemetery List
West Fairlee Town Clerk's Office Website
Williamstown Town Clerk Website
Married Couples6,277 (51.1%)
Unmarried Couples1,260 (4.5%)
Never Married Men3,537 (29.3%)
Never Married Women2,789 (22.5%)
Separated Men72 (0.6%)
Separated Women180 (1.5%)
Widowed Men201 (1.7%)
Widowed Women901 (7.3%)
Divorced Men1,666 (13.8%)
Divorced Women1,966 (15.8%)

Marriage Records In Orange County Vermont – How To Find Out Whether Or Not The Marriage Records Are Accurate

Marriage Records in Orange County is one of the most important records that are maintained by the county. It is also one of the most requested records by many individuals, especially when they want to obtain their own records and do not want to wait too long for it. Most people want to know where they came from, where they are going to marry and other related information about the married couple. Aside from the official marriage records in the County, you can also request for other records that pertain to your family. This is a very useful way if you plan on tracing your roots back to your ancestors.

To conduct a search for the marriage record, you will have to first fill up a request form that will be provided to you by the county’s Marriage Records. You will be required to pay a minimal fee for this. Once you pay for it, you can directly download the records into your computer. However, there are some records that will require that you mail or fax them to the County’s Records Office.

There are also free ways of retrieving the records like the Internet. There are various sites that offer this service. But the result you will get are usually uploaded from different counties which means you will not have an exact copy of the record that you requested. The records that are uploaded may also differ from state to state. And thus, the search can also become a lot difficult.

There is still a way to conduct the search without spending any money. You can check out the vital statistics office of your State or County. You will be able to find the marriage records of someone within a few minutes once you will use this method. But this method is no longer applicable to the records in Orange County since they are now being maintained electronically. But you still have a chance to obtain a copy of the records for free if you do some research online.

Aside from the vital statistics office, you can also try some commercial record providers online. They have databases of the most recent marriages in the area. Aside from the usual information that you can expect on the records, you can also get other information such as the names of the couple, their parents’ names, the wedding date, and the location where the marriage was held. The online records providers normally charge a fee.

If you are planning to conduct a search in Orange County, it would really help if you would use the online method. Aside from getting the results in no time, you can also save time. You do not have to spend your precious time going to the library or to the State vital statistics office. Aside from that, the results that you will get online are also more accurate because it has been compiled by the professionals. Thus, it can really provide you the needed information with just a few clicks.