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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Bennington County Clerk Offices
Bennington County Clerk205 South StreetBenningtonVT5201802-442-1043
Bennington Town Clerk1391 Vermont 9WoodfordVT5201802-442-4895
Peru Town Clerk402 Main StreetPeruVT5152802-824-3065
Pownal Town Clerk467 Center StreetPownalVT5261802-823-7757
Shaftsbury Town Clerk61 Buck Hill RoadShaftsburyVT5262802-442-4038
Bennington County Town & City Halls
Bennington Town Hall205 South StreetWoodfordVT5201802-442-1043
Dorset Town Hall112 Mad Tom RoadDorsetVT5253802-362-4571
Manchester Town Hall6039 Main StreetManchester CenterVT5255802-362-1313
Stamford Town Hall986 Main RoadStamfordVT5352802-694-1361
Bennington County Marriage License Offices
Bennington Marriage License205 South StreetWoodfordVT52014421043
Arlington Marriage License3828 Vermont 7AArlingtonVT52503752332
Dorset Marriage License112 Mad Tom Road, Po Box 24DorsetVT5253
Glastenbury Marriage License1185 Glastenbury RoadShaftsburyVT52624472954
Lewis Marriage License1185 Glastenbury RoadShaftsburyVT52624472954
Manchester Marriage License6039 Main StreetManchesterVT5255362-1313 x1
Peru Marriage License402 Main StreetPeruVT51528243065
Pownal Marriage License467 Center StreetPownalVT52618237757
Readsboro Marriage License301 Phelps LaneReadsboroVT53504235405
Rupert Marriage License187 East StreetRupertVT57763947728
Sandgate Marriage License3266 Sandgate RoadSandgateVT52503759075
Searsburg Marriage License18 Town Garage RoadSearsburgVT5363464-8081
Shaftsbury Marriage License61 Buck Hill RoadShaftsburyVT52624424038
Somerset Marriage License1185 Glastenbury RoadShaftsburyVT52624472954
Stamford Marriage License986 Main RoadStamfordVT53526941361
Sunderland Marriage License181 South RoadSunderlandVT52523756106
Winhall Marriage License115 Vermont 30WinhallVT53402972122
Woodford Marriage License1391, Vt Route 9WoodfordVT5201442-4895
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Married Couples7,285 (47.7%)
Unmarried Couples1,278 (3.7%)
Never Married Men4,599 (31.4%)
Never Married Women3,952 (25.0%)
Separated Men215 (1.5%)
Separated Women137 (0.9%)
Widowed Men668 (4.6%)
Widowed Women1,747 (11.1%)
Divorced Men1,642 (11.2%)
Divorced Women2,374 (15.0%)

Marriage Records – The Best Way to Find Out Information on Marriage

Marriage Records in Bennington County, Vermont is one of the most vital public records that are maintained by the government. As they are considered to be public records, these records can be accessed for anyone who needs it without the need of the person who was the subject of the record or even the subject of the marriage itself. You can easily access these records through the official Bennington County Records Office or through any other public record service provider. Most people are concerned about their marital status while they are under the legal proceedings of marriage. Some people are not quite sure about the things that should be kept confidential and private especially when they are discussing marriage records with another person or even a lawyer.

These records are basically considered to be a private document and it is therefore advisable not to divulge it publicly. There have been times when people got married just to hide the fact from the new spouse so that they can avoid many responsibilities. In some cases, such marriages may have been arranged or they may have happened as a result of coercion. Whatever the reason is, people should be very cautious with the information that they disclose and make sure that they do not breach the privacy of the new partner in any way. If you were advised not to disclose your marital information, then you should make an effort not to divulge it even to a third person and should also ensure that you keep the records of your marriages in a safe place in your house.

There are various reasons why these records should be protected. Marriage records contain important information about a person like his name, date of birth, civil status, parents’ names and other relevant information about him. This information is essential in many legal processes and cases today. In particular, the records can be of great use to the new husband or wife who want to trace the past marital life of their new partner. Such files will enable them to confirm whether the new bride and groom are really married to each other or not.

While one can retrieve such records from the respective offices of the county where the marriage took place, it is much easier and more convenient to obtain these files online. All you need to do is visit the official web sites of respective counties where the marriage took place and enter the necessary details. The search engine will throw up a list of relevant web pages which will have the most recent information on marriage. You can also visit the county’s official web site and download the latest version of the records from there. Most of the information is usually updated for the current year but some may be older.

Marriage file is confidential and cannot be viewed by anybody else apart from the one who has the keys or the password provided at the marriage records office. It is important therefore that you should be very careful in deciding on whether to reveal your marital information to somebody else. This is because you never know whether the new love would be looking for you through your marriage records! You should therefore exercise restraint while disclosing such information even if it is just to a close friend or colleague. The new spouse will also be in a position of gaining access to vital information about you such as date of birth, occupation, place of birth and so on.

If you want to check your own marriage records then there are several ways of doing this. The best and simplest way is to approach a commercial information provider over the internet who will in turn forward the information to you. Such providers charge a nominal fee for obtaining the information and usually have a lot of information pertaining to marriage files. Another method of accessing marriage records is to approach the county office directly. Most of the county offices maintain marriage records and thus, very informative.