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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Terry County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Terry County Clerk500 West Main StreetBrownfieldTX79316806-637-8551
Meadow City Hall906 1st StMeadowTX79345806-539-2377
Terry County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Terry County Clerk Website
Terry County Divorce Certificates
Terry County Genealogy Records
Terry County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples2,010 (48.5%)
Unmarried Couples165 (1.4%)
Never Married Men1,926 (36.7%)
Never Married Women859 (18.9%)
Separated Men198 (3.8%)
Separated Women93 (2.0%)
Widowed Men212 (4.0%)
Widowed Women621 (13.7%)
Divorced Men676 (12.9%)
Divorced Women764 (16.8%)

How To Search For Marriage Records

The information contained in the Terry County Public Records Office is made accessible to the general public through the internet. The Texas Vital Statistics Office is responsible for maintaining these records. For more information about getting marriage records request a copy from the office directly. You will need to contact them to request a copy of your marriage certificate. This may be done through mail, phone call, or in person. When contacting them you must be certain that they are the person you want to deal with and have the correct address for the department.

There are many reasons why people want to search for Texas marriage records. Many people would like to check up on their family tree and genealogy. Others research family history and want to trace their ancestors back to when they were just children. Or maybe there is someone else who needs to locate marriage records for whatever purpose. Whatever the reason, the information contained in these records can help one accomplish all their searching.

When searching for records in Terry County, you should first determine whether or not you want the records for any particular purpose. If you are just looking for the information for genealogy, then you will need to narrow your search down a lot more. If you are doing a search for the records of someone else in order to obtain proof of marriage, then you will have more leeway to what you want to find.

The more specialized your search for Texas marriage records, the easier it will be to find what you are looking for. There are thousands of records in Terry County, and all of them have been archived. Therefore, all of the information is there. It just requires some careful digging in order to get to the information you are seeking.

When you search for records in Terry County, you will want to know the exact county where the marriage took place. This information is not readily available. In most cases, you must go to the municipal building in your city to search through the marriage records. The information will be close to that of your state, but not always. You will have to ask the county clerk about the records in order to get the information that you want.

You can do more than one search for these records. If you are having trouble with information, you can even hire a private detective to dig for you. This can be a good idea if you are trying to obtain someone’s birth records or divorce records. When you search for marriage records in Texas, you will be given many different options to help you get the information you need.