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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Loving County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Loving County Clerk100 Bell StreetMentoneTX79754432-377-2441
Loving County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Loving County Clerk Website
Loving County Divorce Certificates
Loving County Genealogy Records
Loving County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples16 (51.6%)
Unmarried Couples
Never Married Men10 (27.8%)
Never Married Women3 (9.7%)
Separated Men
Separated Women
Widowed Men3 (8.3%)
Widowed Women4 (12.9%)
Divorced Men5 (13.9%)
Divorced Women8 (25.8%)

How To Find Marriage Records in Loving County Texas

Marriage Records in Loving County Texas holds a lot of information about the people that married in the county. If you are looking for marriage records, you will find a Texas Vital Records Web site very useful and will give you the information you need. There are many advantages to this particular web site, as it will allow you to obtain Texas marriage records without any charge.

Many people are under the misconception that these records are all expensive to get. This is simply not true. Many of the databases that hold these records are supported through a subscription or a charge to use the service. In addition to being able to access the information you want, you also don’t have to pay for it. You will still be able to get access to many of the same records online for free.

Even though the county that you live in might not have its own web site, they do have the option of making one available to the public. To do this, they will have to get the records from the vital records office in their particular county. Then, they can put them into an online database and make them available to the public. Since these records are up-to-date, they will work with the most recent information available for Texas Marriage Records.

Getting marriage records in Loving County Texas is really simple. You will have to complete a couple of forms and then wait a few days to receive your information. You will also have to pay a minimal fee if you would like to get the paper print. This fee is to cover the cost of maintaining the website and to provide the convenience to people who would like to search for these records. The good thing about these marriage records is that you can get a look at any of the information that you would like. You should be aware that the information that you are getting is not considered to be in print so if anything was removed from the original record it will be necessary for you to file a request to have the information restored.

When you find what you want, you will need to get in touch with the office that keeps the records. It will be a good idea to get all of the information together before you contact them. Once you do this, the staff will be able to give you a physical copy of the records that you require. They may ask you to call and talk to someone about the request and then they will be able to get the information that you require.

As you can see, finding marriage records in Texas can be easy. The office will be more than willing to help you out if you want to obtain the information that you require. The process is quite simple and you will not have to worry about anything. There are many reasons that you might need this record. Whatever the reason, you should definitely find out what you are searching for because it will make the search more effective. In Loving County Texas marriage records can help you get the information that you need.