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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Harding County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Harding County ClerkPO Box 534BuffaloSD57720605-375-3351
Harding County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Harding County Divorce Certificates
Harding County Marriage Certificates & Records
Harding County Register of Deeds Website
Married Couples304 (57.0%)
Unmarried Couples13 (1.1%)
Never Married Men159 (28.1%)
Never Married Women68 (13.9%)
Separated Men9 (1.6%)
Separated Women1 (0.2%)
Widowed Men8 (1.4%)
Widowed Women67 (13.7%)
Divorced Men49 (8.7%)
Divorced Women20 (4.1%)

How to Search For Marriage Records in Harding County South Dakota

One can access records such as marriage license, civil union, divorce decree, annulment, birth, death and birth certificate of a person from Harding County South Dakota. Harding County is one of the most populated counties in all of South Dakota. This county was incorporated in 1874. The first records that are retrievable from this county are marriage licenses obtained from the recorder of deeds office. If the information is not available online then you will need to visit the recorder’s office in person.

There are different ways that you can access public records. You can either go to the recorder’s office or you can have it sent to your home by mail. You can find information on marriage records in Harding County by doing a free search online. The best place to do searches on marriage records is at a public records website.

One of the reasons why there are many public record services online is because records are now digitized and put on computer databases. When records were first put on paper, they would be recorded in microfilm. Each page would have to be scanned and then filed in order to keep the information organized. It would take many months for someone to be able to get any information on marriage records if they were searching in just one county.

With the help of the internet you can search any state in the country. You can also perform multiple searches on the same records and have results appear in your front door in less than one day. You can find information about marriage records in Harding County by typing in the names of the people being searched. You will be given the names of the couple, their parents and the year that the marriage was performed.

There are many reasons why people may need to access public records on someone else. If you are trying to set up a new household or are getting married and want to know if there are any criminal pasts, this is an easy way to find out information about anyone. The internet has made the whole process much easier for us to utilize. Whether you are using the information to find out if someone has a criminal record or to set up your family, it is definitely easier than it was before. The amount of time it takes to sift through records has decreased dramatically because of technology.

If you are trying to locate marriage records in Harding County South Dakota, you will want to use an online site that has plenty of information about that particular location. The more information you have available the faster and easier it will be for you to search. You will want to compare sites to see who has the most information for the price. The price you pay for a membership to one of these sites usually costs less than it would to look through several public records themselves.