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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Hyde County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Hyde County ClerkPO Box 306HighmoreSD57345605-852-2512
Hyde County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Hyde County Divorce Certificates
Hyde County Marriage Certificates & Records
Hyde County Register of Deeds County Records
Hyde County South Dakota Genealogy Records
Married Couples 293 (50.3%)
Unmarried Couples 17 (1.3%)
Never Married Men 190 (32.3%)
Never Married Women 108 (19.1%)
Separated Men 1 (0.2%)
Separated Women
Widowed Men 17 (2.9%)
Widowed Women 83 (14.7%)
Divorced Men 31 (5.3%)
Divorced Women 61 (10.8%)

Marriage Records – The Key to Your Family History

The Marriage Records in Hyde County is maintained in the Marriage Records in the County of Platte. The location is identified as being in Grant County, but according to legal experts, it should really be placed within the jurisdiction of Platte. These records have been retained for a very long time. Before 1873, these were considered public records. They can be located via the free-of-charge Marriage Records in Hyde County in South Dakota by looking in the records office at the Platte Town Hall.

These records can also be obtained from the county offices, if they do not hold the marriage record in the State of South Dakota. One can also make use of the services of online record services. However, it is essential to make sure that you choose a reputable and reliable record provider before divulging your private information. In case of any doubt, you can check the background history of the service provider by going through its customer testimonials and feedback. If possible, you can also consult with friends and relatives who may have availed of such services earlier.

There are various reasons why one may require access to these records, such as conducting genealogical studies, checking the marital status of a prospective spouse, checking on the civil status of someone who is about to get married or remarried, or to obtain divorce records. It is quite possible to run into one of these situations. Therefore, one should always keep their records well-maintained. The procedure is usually straightforward and follows the usual steps. Once you get the person’s consent, you can go through the records personally. You will need to produce your ID, which is a driver’s license or a passport, and you also have to produce the copy of the marriage certificate.

If one has not acquired the services of a reliable public record provider, one can obtain the South Dakota public marriage records by making use of the World Wide Web. There are several online records providers who are able to provide you with these records at the click of a mouse. However, these companies charge a fee for obtaining these records. However, you can easily make use of one of the discount websites that offer marriage records from all the major record providers in the country.

After you select a reputable website to do your search on marriage records, you will be required to fill in some information regarding the couple. You will also be asked to pay a token. This token will serve as an assurance that you are not sharing your information with anyone else. Most of the websites also allow you to run as many searches as you want within a certain period of time. There is usually a minimal fee charged for conducting multiple searches.

Marriage records are a great way to trace the marital history of someone. They also provide a platform for further research, including genealogy and estate planning. These records also reveal other relevant information like the present position and potential future moves of the partners. One should never base their decision on these records alone. In case of legal proceedings, it is wise to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer, rather than rely on this source.