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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Sioux County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Sioux County ClerkPO Box LFort YatesND58538701-854-3853
Sioux County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Sioux County Divorce Certificates
Sioux County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples361 (32.4%)
Unmarried Couples126 (2.9%)
Never Married Men835 (55.7%)
Never Married Women708 (46.7%)
Separated Men19 (1.3%)
Separated Women25 (1.6%)
Widowed Men40 (2.7%)
Widowed Women138 (9.1%)
Divorced Men230 (15.4%)
Divorced Women206 (13.6%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in Sioux County North Dakota

There are currently two main options when searching for marriage records in Sioux County North Dakota. First, you can visit the actual county records office that is located at any given location. Secondly, you can perform your search online. It is important to note however that if you wish to look up a record that is not filed electronically, you will have to go down to the county building and fill out an application for retrieving the information. If you are filing electronically, you will still need to pay a fee to get the records.

The best option would be to obtain your marriage records in an electronic format. There are several companies now offering online services that allow you to obtain a copy of any public record that is in the state of North Dakota. One such company that offers free, no-cost searches through a large database of public records is Public Records Pro. This database contains over one billion records, which makes it one of the most comprehensive online records services available.

Before you can obtain marriage records in either county in Sioux County, you will first need to visit the location where the marriage occurred. Many counties are now offering online access to their vital records. However, some counties still require that you make a personal visit. To find out what counties offer online access to their marriage records, check your county’s vital statistic office website.

If you are looking for a copy of your marriage records in Sioux County, it is important to remember that if the marriage took place in Rapid County, it may not have been recorded. If you are looking for records in Fillmore County, it is also important to remember that many records from the area have been destroyed. For instance, many of the death records that have been destroyed were related to individuals who lived in Rapid County at one time. In addition, the county destroyed a number of records when it was performing an upgrade to its database. If you are interested in searching for county-by-county information online, you may be out of luck.

Fortunately, if you would rather do your own genealogy research, you can get a list of the records from the county and perform an online search using the various online records resources available. In addition, if you have any other information about the people who were listed as witnesses at the wedding ceremony, such as the names of the parents, it will be helpful to search for the records of these people too. Marriage records are typically contained within the Marriage Records in the County Records of Dakota. If you know the social security number of an individual who was listed as a witness, you may be able to locate their marriage records online. However, it is always best to perform all of your research using the county records website itself.

Marriage records are one of the most informative forms of public information available. If you are researching someone’s past, you can often learn a great deal about their past and their family history. If there was any sort of litigation about the couple, you may be able to find out where it was filed and what laws were involved. And, if you are interested in learning more about your heritage or your ancestors, these records can tell you where they grew up and where they married.