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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Cass County Clerk Offices
Cass County ClerkPO Box 2806FargoND58108701-451-6900
North Dakota State Clerk211 9th Street SouthFargoND58103701-451-6940
West Fargo Clerk800 4th Avenue EastWest FargoND58078701-433-5516
Cass County Town & City Halls
Fargo City Hall200 3rd Street NorthFargoND58102701-241-1316
Hunter City Hall116 Main StreetArthurND58006701-874-2125
Kindred City Hall31 5th Avenue NorthKindredND58051701-428-3115
West Fargo City Hall800 4th Ave EWest FargoND58078701-433-5300
Cass County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Cass County Divorce Certificates
Cass County Marriage Certificates & Records
The City of Fargo Library Database
Married Couples31,693 (43.4%)
Unmarried Couples6,408 (3.9%)
Never Married Men29,571 (42.3%)
Never Married Women23,079 (33.7%)
Separated Men553 (0.8%)
Separated Women709 (1.0%)
Widowed Men1,075 (1.5%)
Widowed Women4,859 (7.1%)
Divorced Men5,524 (7.9%)
Divorced Women6,937 (10.1%)

Find Marriage Records Online

Searching for marriage records in Cass County North Dakota is now made easier with the availability of an online public records database. Online public record services can make searching for and obtaining vital records a snap. You can find out all sorts of information such as the couple’s name, their parents’ names and birth dates and even their parents’ names and birth dates. This information can help you when you start planning your family tree and when you start looking into genealogy. It will also prove useful if you are looking to remarry.

Marriage records can be searched by either the person who is being searched for or their legal guardians. Both of these groups can carry out this search. But the process is a lot faster if it is done by one person doing it for the other. This way the entire search is much quicker and a lot less time consuming.

The state of North Dakota is pretty protective of its marriage records and updates them on a regular basis. The reason for this is to maintain the accuracy of this information. Vital records are considered to be public information and therefore it should be up to date and accurate. As such anyone can access marriage records without restriction.

It is extremely important to know that the legal guardian or the one who is responsible for looking after your minor children can only look for records which they have been involved with. Also any marriage which has been declared void or annulment must be entered into the system. Once you have the records, it is a matter of going through them to verify if they are the right person and if the marriage is legitimate. If it is not then you can contact the county office and they can correct the records.

In case of any dispute about the document you should contact the county office immediately. If the mistake is done then you have to get the documents corrected. Marriage Records in Cass County can now be searched electronically. There is the option of going to the county office to hand over the relevant information physically or by using the online system. However, if you are using the online system then you will need to pay a fee.

After you have paid the fee, you can go ahead and enter all the details required and the information shall then be delivered to you within a short period of time. You can then make use of the records to find out the true identity of the person concerned. After knowing the details, the person will have to wait for the next six months where as the other person shall be notified about the same. This process will be repeated until the information is final and certified. On the other hand the person can also use the new information to clear his or her name and get the information cleared.