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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Luna County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Luna County ClerkPO Box 1838DemingNM88031575-546-0491
Luna County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Luna County Clerk Website
Luna County Clerk's Office Vital Records
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Luna County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples3,819 (42.0%)
Unmarried Couples541 (2.3%)
Never Married Men2,914 (31.1%)
Never Married Women2,324 (24.6%)
Separated Men190 (2.0%)
Separated Women526 (5.6%)
Widowed Men398 (4.2%)
Widowed Women1,211 (12.8%)
Divorced Men1,205 (12.9%)
Divorced Women1,459 (15.4%)

Where to Search For Marriage Records in Luna County New Mexico

Marriage Records in Luna County, NM is maintained by the County of Luna and they are available to the public for viewing. This information is available to all through the internet. They provide information about marriage from the year, place of marriage and the names of the bride and groom along with their parents’ names and birth dates. This information is very useful to locate people who are missing since there is no way to retrieve them now.

These records are kept confidential and hence it is not accessible to the general public. People who are looking for marriage records can make a request directly to the County of Luna and they would get the information instantly. Such a record will include the personal details of the bride like her name, age at the time of the wedding, present and previous addresses, guardian or someone responsible of upbringing the children etc. It will also reveal the parents particulars and other relevant information about the couple. Such records also show the type of marriage and the religion of the couple. These records also contain the birth particulars of the child which was mentioned in the marriage papers.

These marriage records are stored in the County Clerk’s Office which is located at the city of Las Cruces, NM. To find the records you have to go to the recorder’s office in the town of Luna County, NM. You need to fill up a simple application form requesting for information on the relevant records of marriage and you would get the response within a day. The fee is nominal and is applicable for retrieving one page of information. It is important to know that these records are updated on the annual basis.

This is the easiest way to locate marriage records in this state. If you are looking for any other information you can make use of the central records office of New Mexico. They have a vast database of information covering all the vital records of the state. The fee is very nominal, as they charge to maintain the database. The central records office also conducts free searches through their websites.

Apart from the above mentioned sources, there are many other ways to search for marriage records in New Mexico. People can visit the offices of the county clerk in their locality for retrieving the information. You can also look out for the newspaper ads of the county or in the phone directory under” Marriage Records” or” Marriage License Records”. Finally you can try out the internet by typing in the keywords “Marriage Records” or” Marriage License Records” in your favorite search engine and go through the results. One more option is to visit the website of the Office of the Clerk Recorder in the town of El Dorado for obtaining this information. However, this option is quite time consuming and you will not receive instant results.

You may choose to do all the three options to locate the marriage information. The best way is to retrieve all the information as you possibly can and from different sources. This way you are sure to have all the details that you need pertaining to your marriage. It will be a good idea to compare the various sites that provide marriage records and gather all the relevant information before finalizing on a site that provides the information that you want and need.