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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Chaves County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Chaves County Clerk400 North Virginia AvenueRoswellNM88201575-622-2212
Dexter Town Hall115 East 2nd StreetDexterNM88230575-734-5482
Lake Arthur Town Hall501 North Maine StreetLake ArthurNM88253575-365-2900
Roswell City Clerk425 North Richardson AvenueRoswellNM88201575-624-6700
Chaves County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Chaves County Clerk's Office Marriage Licenses
Chaves County Clerk's Office Website
Chaves County Divorce Certificates
Chaves County Genealogy Records
Chaves County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples10,814 (46.3%)
Unmarried Couples1,559 (2.5%)
Never Married Men8,958 (35.7%)
Never Married Women7,079 (27.5%)
Separated Men592 (2.4%)
Separated Women548 (2.1%)
Widowed Men816 (3.3%)
Widowed Women2,641 (10.2%)
Divorced Men3,251 (13.0%)
Divorced Women3,492 (13.5%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Chaves County New Mexico

When you are doing an online search to find Chaves County marriage records, there is more than one option available to you. You can go to your local government building or county courthouse and request them. You can also conduct the search yourself online and use the information that is provided to you. The latter method involves using various different online resources, but it is faster and easier.

One of the first things to note is that it can take quite a while to get the records you are seeking. There are numerous deadlines that must be met in order for certain records to be processed. For instance, if you are requesting marriage records for someone else in the United States, then there are typically at least a few weeks for the information to be processed and ready for retrieval. This is not always the case when searching for Chaves County records, as the county has automated the search system and the database is well-maintained.

If you want to do the Chaves County records search yourself, you will want to make use of various different online resources. One of the easiest ways to collect the information you need is to visit your state’s vital statistic office. In many states, you will have the option to download the applications for a free search online. This will allow you to obtain the records you are looking for in no time. The majority of states allow you to download the application on the website of the county’s department of public health.

If you have already located the vital statistic office where the records are located, then the online methods will work for you. However, if you are still uncertain about how to proceed, then you will want to consider using an online commercial database that is readily available. These databases often charge a fee for their services, but it is usually worth paying the small fee to obtain the records you want. These online databases will not only provide you with the information you require, but they can also perform the search faster than the government offices. Most of these sites allow you to search multiple databases at once to ensure that you find what you are looking for.

You will be able to view the marriage records, hear about the couple and learn more about them through the reports. If there are children involved in the marriage, you will see their birth certificates as well. The search can also provide you with other helpful information such as the date of birth of any of the principals and witnesses of the ceremony.

If you are interested in obtaining Chaves County records, then you will want to start the process immediately. The marriage license is one of the most important pieces of documentation that proves the legal status of a couple. Without it, there is no basis for obtaining financial or other assistance from anyone. If you are having trouble locating the records, then you can always contact the office and talk to someone who can help you.