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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Hayes County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Hayes County ClerkPO Box 370Hayes CenterNE69032308-286-3315
Hayes County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Hayes County Clerk Website
Hayes County Divorce Certificates
Hayes County Genealogy Records
Hayes County Government Marriage Applications
Hayes County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples268 (63.4%)
Unmarried Couples17 (1.8%)
Never Married Men90 (21.7%)
Never Married Women41 (11.0%)
Separated Men6 (1.4%)
Separated Women7 (1.9%)
Widowed Men23 (5.5%)
Widowed Women31 (8.3%)
Divorced Men23 (5.5%)
Divorced Women11 (2.9%)

Ways to Search For Marriage Records in Nebraska

Searching for marriage records in Hayes County, Nebraska is not as difficult as some people might believe. There is no reason why anyone wanting to locate their own marriage records should have to spend hours on the Internet and then pay a fee to have it shipped to them in order to obtain the information they are searching for. What could be simpler? Many states in the US allow people to access their own public records online. Even those that don’t allow this service can still find out the information they need because these records are public record and available to the general public.

When someone gets married in the United States, they have to provide documentation of the marriage license and the marriage certificate along with reasons why this marriage is legal in the state they reside. These documents are called ‘Marriage Licenses’ or ‘Certificates of Marriage’. These can usually be found online for a minimal fee. To find out more about searching for your marriage records in Hayes County, Nebraska one of the places people can search is the state vital statistic’s office. This is where marriage license applications can be filed and ordered by the court.

Once the paperwork has been filed by the applicant should mail in the completed application along with payment for processing. Once the records have been processed by the county clerk will either issue a certificate of marriage or deny the application. If the application is denied a certificate of marriage will then be ordered. State law requires that a copy of this document is provided to the individual who was refused service. In order to obtain the records the person may again apply to the state office.

People who want to conduct a free search of their own public records might want to visit the local courthouse and see if they have the records they are looking for. If the local courthouse doesn’t have the records they need many people will then turn to the internet in hopes that they will get the records that they need. When doing a search online many people simply type the person’s name into Google and hit search. This method will allow them to locate a record for that person but it may be years before they find what they need.

There is another way that one can conduct a search for marriage records in Nebraska that many people are turning to in hopes of locating the information that they need. This method is by using one of the online databases that hold a database of public records. By visiting any one of these websites and entering the names of the couple in question the website will then offer to provide them with the records that they need. It is important to note that some of these services do charge a small fee.

It is possible to locate information on marriage records in Nebraska by utilizing any one of the methods listed above. The main difference between the methods listed above and doing a free online search for public records is that with most of the free services the information you are given is limited to information that is in the public domain. Most of the paid services have huge databases of public records. When using these services you will not only get access to marriage records but also divorce records, court records, birth records and more. To learn more about the availability of information to you in the area of Haynes County, please visit our website.