Butler County Marriage Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Butler County Clerk Offices
Butler County Clerk451 North 5th StreetDavidNE68632402-367-7480
Bellwood Village Clerk410 Taylor StreetBellwoodNE68624402-538-4026
Rising City Village Clerk605 Main StreetRising CityNE68658402-542-2164
Ulysses Village Clerk305 4th StreetUlyssesNE68669402-549-2509
Butler County Town & City Halls
Brainard City Hall111 West Washington StreetBrainardNE68626402-545-2701
Ulysses Town Hall420 B StreetUlyssesNE68669402-549-2435
Butler County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Butler County Clerk Marriage Applications
Butler County Clerk, Register of Deeds, and Election Commissioner Website
Butler County Divorce Certificates
Butler County Genealogy Records
Butler County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 1,916 (56.4%)
Unmarried Couples 172 (2.2%)
Never Married Men 896 (27.1%)
Never Married Women 539 (16.6%)
Separated Men 72 (2.2%)
Separated Women 54 (1.7%)
Widowed Men 108 (3.3%)
Widowed Women 401 (12.4%)
Divorced Men 282 (8.5%)
Divorced Women 308 (9.5%)

Marriage Records in Butler County – Nebraska’s Largest County

Public marriage records are considered public information and are maintained by the Nebraska State Patrol. Anyone can access these records at the designated location. You can also go through the county’s Vital Statistics Office, where you can have a full-on search of the records. The fees for these searches are not very expensive. Some of the records that you can find are the birth records, death records, divorce records and even transcripts of court hearings and other instances when the couple was legally married.

Marriage Records in Butler County Nebraska

There is also a place that the couple can go to for assistance if they want to get copies of such records. These are the local County Court Clerk’s Office. The clerk’s office is just a few blocks away from the Nebraska State Museum in Lincoln. The office is open 7 days a week for you to drop in and request a copy of your marriage record.

You will need to fill up the Application for an Original Search and submit it along with the fees for processing. After the administrative work has been completed, you can expect to receive your results within one working day. If you still have questions, there are people who work at the county to answer your queries. You can also go to their office if you prefer. They can help you fill out the application form and give you instructions about how to obtain the records.

Marriage records in Butler County are considered to be public record and therefore it is possible for anyone to search for them. However, some states and counties to restrict the circulation of certain information because of privacy issues. For example, in Butler County, the only information that is restricted is marriage records that contain information of the actual wedding and not just the ceremony.

There are also laws and regulations that govern the giving out of copies of any record in the county to different parties. One such regulation is the requirement for the person obtaining the record to show proof of identity. Another important law is that the copies of the records should be destroyed after 30 years. The last rule on the matter is that if someone wants to apply for any record in the county, he or she must personally make a request.

By going through the local records, one can get access to marriage and divorce records as well as other vital records. The county keeps such records in its databases, which are made accessible through the Internet. They also allow you to obtain the records in hard copy by making a visit to the county offices or any of their computerized databases. People can also get information about somebody’s history from the county’s Marriage Records in Butler County Nebraska.