Beltrami County Marriage Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Beltrami County Clerk Offices
Beltrami County Clerk600 Minnesota Avenue NorthwestBemidjiMN56601218-333-4120
Blackduck City Clerk8 Summit AvenueBlackduckMN56630218-835-4803
Kelliher City Clerk217 Main Street EastKelliherMN56650218-647-8470
Beltrami County Town & City Halls
Bemidji City Hall317 4th Street NorthwestBemidjiMN56601218-759-3567
Fern Town Hall47977 129th AvenueSolwayMN56678218-854-7365
Frohn Town Hall8769 Roosevelt Road SoutheastBemidjiMN56601218-751-5500
Grant Valley Town Hall5408 Bootlake Road SouthwestBemidjiMN56601218-751-0678
Hines Town Hall22009 Wood Lane NortheastHinesMN56647218-835-5817
Northern Town Hall445 Town Hall Road NorthwestBemidjiMN56601218-751-4989
Waskish Town Hall56090 Waskish Rd NEWaskishMN56685218-647-8485
Beltrami County Marriage License Office
Beltrami County Marriage LicenseBeltrami County License Center, 619 Beltrami Avenue NwBemidjiMN56601218-759-4174
Beltrami County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Beltrami County Clerk License Department Marriage Records
Beltrami County Divorce Certificates
Beltrami County License Center Website
Beltrami County Sheriff's Office Active Warrant Listing
Married Couples 7,504 (43.9%)
Unmarried Couples 1,519 (3.5%)
Never Married Men 7,392 (41.5%)
Never Married Women 6,270 (34.4%)
Separated Men 126 (0.7%)
Separated Women 201 (1.1%)
Widowed Men 367 (2.1%)
Widowed Women 1,429 (7.8%)
Divorced Men 2,047 (11.5%)
Divorced Women 2,466 (13.5%)

Marriage Records in Beltrami County

You will need to know how to search the Marriage Records in Beltrami County, Minnesota. Minnesota’s Marriage Records is maintained by the state. The information in the records will vary, depending on who you’re looking for and where you live. If you live in Beltrami County, Minnesota, for instance, the information will more than likely be available. If you are trying to find out information about someone you know, the county may be able to provide you with some information, but it won’t be very accurate.

Marriage Records in Beltrami County Minnesota

Fortunately, there is a much better solution for people who are searching for Marriage Records in Beltrami County. Instead of trying to conduct your own public record search, you should consider using an online site that offers you all of the information that you need to know. These sites can help you gain access to Marriage Records in Beltrami County from any state. It doesn’t matter if you live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, or any other state. These services will provide you with all of the information that you will need.

If you want to conduct a public record search in Minnesota, you will first have to know where to find the marriage records. Like most states, marriage records are maintained at the county level. This means that they will be stored in a different place than if you were looking for them at the national level. Fortunately, most counties have a website that you can use to access their records. When you go to their website, you can expect to get a lot of helpful information.

Once you have access to the website for county-level marriage records in Minnesota, you will be able to search for the information that you need. If you’re just looking for basic information, such as the names of the couple and the birth dates of the two individuals, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the information that you need. If there is a record that you’re looking for, however, that isn’t listed on the website, you may have to go to the actual county office in order to find it. Fortunately, once you find the office, you should be able to get all of the information that you are looking for. The records that you find should include the names of the people being married, the names of the parents of the two individuals, the date of marriage, the place where the marriage was held, and the reason behind the marriage. You may also be able to get information about any children that were brought into the marriage.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you find accurate information. The first thing that you should do is to talk to someone in the county office to see if they can help you. Chances are, there will be someone there who will be able to help you. After all, these records are usually very important and you don’t want to end up with inaccurate or out of date information. If you don’t talk to anyone face-to-face, however, you should still be able to find some good information online by searching for the marriage records online.

By searching online, you should be able to find out a lot of information about the records that you are looking for. Of course, the records that you find may not be accurate, and this is why you should still talk to someone at the county office before you make your purchase. Even though it can be difficult to find this information, it is important to know what you are buying. In some cases, you may have to pay a small fee to get access to these records, but it’s worth it in the long run. The worst that can happen is that you’ll find out that the information that you need is actually out of date. Then, you’ll have to start all over again to try to find what you need.