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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Norman County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Norman County Clerk16 3rd Avenue EastAdaMN56510218-784-5458
Norman County Marriage LicenseNorman County Recorder, 16 3Rd Avenue EAdaMN56510218-784-5458
Halstad City Hall405 2nd Ave WHalstadMN56548218-456-2338
Shelly City Clerk106 West McKinley AvenueShellyMN56581218-886-8355
Shelly City Hall101 West McKinley AvenueShellyMN56581218-886-8355
Norman County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Norman County Marriage Certificates & Records
Norman County Recorder Website
Married Couples 1,453 (53.2%)
Unmarried Couples 167 (2.6%)
Never Married Men 775 (28.9%)
Never Married Women 583 (21.9%)
Separated Men 17 (0.6%)
Separated Women 18 (0.7%)
Widowed Men 96 (3.6%)
Widowed Women 316 (11.9%)
Divorced Men 269 (10.0%)
Divorced Women 281 (10.6%)

Marriage Records in Norman County – Finding the Information You Need Online

Marriage Records in Norman County is maintained by the County Records Office in the State of Minnesota. These records contain general information such as the name of the wedding couple, the names of parents of the bride and groom, and the issuing official’s name. Other bits of information may be present such as the reason for the marriage, the names of the witnesses at the wedding, and the wedding date. The records also show where the ceremony was held and sometimes where the honeymoon was too.

A copy of the marriage certificate is filed in the county where the marriage occurred. The certificate contains the word “man” or “woman” at the beginning of the document and is also stamped with the year of the marriage. It also has the phrase “marriages solemnized” at the end. The marriage license contains information such as the name of the couple, their address (if this is known), their parents’ names and addresses, witnesses’ names, and the date of the wedding. The record then goes to the Department of Health of Minnesota to be processed and given to a local certified Vital Records Divider. If the information in these two records don’t match up, an appeal must first be made to the county where the marriage took place.

Because the recording of these records is done by the county in which they occur, many people are surprised to see that these types of records are available for free. This is not simply because of a lack of funds. In fact, it is the simple lack of resources in rural areas that make marriage records so public. Without high speed internet connections and printers, it would be impossible to keep all records in storage. Rural residents are therefore able to access these records via the courts, as these records are electronically stored. Because of the technology involved, however, these records can still be obtained from the Minnesota Vital Records Office in the individual counties where they occur.

Marriage records are divided into two main categories: public records and those that have to be renewed. If you’re looking for an actual record of a marriage, you should probably start your search with the county where the ceremony took place. However, if the person you’re searching for has relocated since the wedding, you may still be able to obtain a record from the county they lived in at the time of the event. The only records that are not available electronically from the state level are those that have to be renewed periodically – these are generally obtained from the county auditor’s office. Fortunately, most county courthouses keep such records, although they tend to be difficult to find online.

Many of these online sources offer excellent online access to marriage records in Minnesota, which makes them a very good way to quickly find the information you’re looking for. When you find an online source for these records, simply enter the name of the person you’re researching (usually the man) and the county they were married in, and you’ll be presented with the names of any records that match. Many of these online sources will allow you to search based on a wide variety of criteria, so it’s possible to run as many searches as you like on one website. In addition to online records, many of these websites offer access to criminal records, birth and death records, and a whole host of other types of public records.

The best online resource for looking up marriage records in Norman County is one called Mereason Records. This website allows you to search for free using their online form and provides a wide selection of resources for you to download. The great thing about this site is that it allows you to search using whatever criteria you choose, so whether you’re trying to lookup a simple civil record or want to run a criminal record search, you can do it all right from the comfort of your own home.

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