Arenac County Michigan Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Arenac County Clerk Offices
Arenac County ClerkPO Box 747StandishMI48658989-846-4626
Omer City Clerk201 East Center RoadOmerMI48749989-653-2566
Arenac County Town & City Halls
Au Gres City Hall124 West Huron RoadAu GresMI48703989-876-8811
Omer City Hall201 East Center RoadOmerMI48749989-653-2566
Standish City Hall399 East Beaver StreetStandishMI48658989-846-6548
Arenac County Marriage License Office
Arenac County Marriage LicenseArenac County Clerk, 120 North GroveStandishMI48658517-846-4626
Arenac County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Arenac County Clerk Website
Iosco-Arenac District Library Website
Married Couples3,447 (51.7%)
Unmarried Couples504 (3.4%)
Never Married Men1,754 (26.8%)
Never Married Women1,202 (18.6%)
Separated Men84 (1.3%)
Separated Women65 (1.0%)
Widowed Men325 (5.0%)
Widowed Women789 (12.2%)
Divorced Men871 (13.3%)
Divorced Women772 (12.0%)

How to Search For Marriage Records

Public marriage records in Arenac County, Michigan are maintained by the vital statistics office. You can perform an online search to obtain these records. In the event that you were not born in the state of Michigan but have a Michigan address, you should still be able to get the information you need on the Internet. Marriage Records in Arenac County can help you locate someone you are searching for and retrieve marriage records of others. The records can also be useful if you are trying to locate a birth date for someone who was born in another state.

These records are available to you for public viewing. The location of the office where the marriage records are kept is not very far from you. If you live in the township of East Lansing, you will find the vital statistics office on Main Street. Marriage records are regularly updated and you may be able to gain access to them by paying a small fee. In most cases, the fee is nominal and it is well worth the money spent in order to search the records of someone you are interested in or for yourself.

If you would like to obtain the records of someone else, you may be able to do this much easier. In Arenac County, there are professional genealogists that can help you. They can obtain the marriage records in Arenac County for a fee. This is typically the minimal fee to obtain the records that you are searching for. If you would like to search multiple records, you may wish to consider hiring one of these professionals. There is nothing wrong with paying an established professional to help you with your search.

There are some additional things that you can try in order to obtain information on marriage records in Arenac County. There are many places on the Internet that allow you to enter your information and obtain it for free. Some of them will also allow you to obtain limited records for a fee. The advantage to using these sites is that you have the option of not having to provide any of your personal information. This can be helpful if you are not sure that you want to release your personal information because the results may not be of use to you.

You should note that if you are looking for marriage records in Arenac County in particular, you can try several of the websites available on the Internet that provide information on marriage records for the area. If you would like to find information quickly and efficiently, you may wish to use one of these sites. However, you should note that the data that you are provided with can be somewhat limited. In some instances, you may be able to locate a few of the more specific details about the person you are searching for, but the data will likely not be as complete as it would be for a public search.

In many instances, you will find that using an online search can be more useful if you are looking for records from another jurisdiction. For instance, you may be able to find records about someone in another state if you do an Internet search with their name. Because of the vast number of different records that are available in the U.S. through marriage records, there is really no good reason not to use one of the online record searches offered by various websites in order to get information you need.