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Taylor County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Taylor County Clerk203 North Court StreetCampbellsvilleKY42718270-265-5164
Taylor County Marriage License203 North Court StreetCampbellsvilleKY42718270-465-6677
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Taylor County Clerk County Records
Taylor County Clerk Website
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Taylor County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples4,598 (47.6%)
Unmarried Couples663 (2.7%)
Never Married Men3,166 (31.7%)
Never Married Women2,627 (24.5%)
Separated Men73 (0.7%)
Separated Women345 (3.2%)
Widowed Men313 (3.1%)
Widowed Women1,131 (10.5%)
Divorced Men1,554 (15.6%)
Divorced Women1,852 (17.3%)

How to Locate Marriage Records in Taylor County Kentucky

Marriage Records in Taylor County Kentucky is maintained by the clerk of court, located in Bowling Green. This is one of the many cities that make up the greater Lexington area. The records can be searched for free by any citizen over the age of eighteen years old who has been legally married at least once. However, there are some restrictions placed on the information that can not be obtained. Information such as where the ceremony was held and who performed the service have to be complied with before records are released. Information on the parents of the bride and groom as well as their parents have to be submitted before records are released.

Records can be requested from the state or from the country that they originate from if the request is made from a foreign country. Foreign records are held in the country’s central record office where they are processed and indexes cross reference to previous records for each state. Information can also be cross referenced from one state to another. This process is commonly known as a search of state records. Information is requested on names, addresses, parents and their fathers, husbands, wives’, masters’, coders, post office, colleges, universities, military, occupational and volunteer units, military death records, birth records, death records, ancestry records, marital status and much more.

Free Searches is available online and can be conducted directly from the website of the county clerk’s office. If you choose to conduct your search this way, you may need to have the exact spelling of the person’s first and last name, date of birth, Social Security number and country of citizenship. If the person has moved recently, you will need their current address, zip code and new address. To retrieve marriage records in Kentucky you will also need the information about the parents of the bride and groom. The records can also be requested from the country where the marriage was performed.

Another alternative method to obtain marriage records is to use the Vital Records Hotline located in Little Rock. This service offers free access to vital records. They will require a name and a last name. You will then be directed to a secure website to register for a free search. If you do choose to proceed with a record search, the information you are seeking will be provided within twenty-four hours.

A third alternative is to conduct your own records lookup with the Kentucky State Vital Records Office in Louisville. This office offers a wide selection of information for the people of Kentucky. To find marriage records in Kentucky, you will need to contact the clerk of court in the county where the marriage occurred. Marriage records are retained at the office for up to ten years.

Marriage records are considered public record. Anyone can request a copy of them. The courts, law enforcement agencies, colleges and universities in Kentucky as well as other states are required by law to keep these records on file. If you are looking for someone’s records, you should first check the county where they got married. There are also national records offices that have marriage records in Kentucky.