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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Christian County Clerk Offices
Christian County Clerk511 South Main StreetHopkinsvilleKY42240270-887-4105
Oak Grove City Clerk8505 Pembroke Oak Grove RoadOak GroveKY42262270-439-2398
Christian County Town & City Halls
Crofton City Hall101 East Mill StreetCroftonKY42217270-424-5111
Oak Grove City Hall8505 Pembroke Oak Grove RoadOak GroveKY42262270-439-4646
Pembroke City Hall222 South Main StreetPembrokeKY42266270-475-4343
Christian County Marriage License Office
Christian County Marriage License511 South Main StreetHopkinsvilleKY42240270-887-4105
Christian County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Christian County Clerk's Office Land Records
Christian County Clerk's Office Website
Christian County Divorce Certificates
Christian County Marriage Certificates & Records
Christian County Website (Kentucky)
Hopkinsville Christian County Public Library Website
Married Couples12,412 (49.1%)
Unmarried Couples1,408 (2.1%)
Never Married Men11,301 (38.5%)
Never Married Women6,036 (23.6%)
Separated Men531 (1.8%)
Separated Women656 (2.6%)
Widowed Men722 (2.5%)
Widowed Women2,520 (9.8%)
Divorced Men2,871 (9.8%)
Divorced Women3,635 (14.2%)

Where to Find Marriage Records Information

Marriage Records in Christian County Kentucky is maintained by the county clerk of Probate. The information regarding marriages is recorded and maintained to assist in the process of identification of any potential future partners, and it is also used to verify that a particular person is single and does not have any previous marriage-related commitments or criminal records. It is basically a record that shows if two people have been married, what the date of the wedding was, and how many times they have been married. There are other reasons why the marriage records are retained and maintained as well, such as to help prove that children conceived from one man and woman are legitimate.

Marriage Records in Kentucky are considered public information. Therefore anyone can access the information and obtain copies to check on marriage history. They can also order a search, which will allow them to obtain information about any other person living in the county or state. This is also very useful when requesting a copy for legal purposes.

Marriage records are considered as being public domain. Anyone can obtain this information and use it for whatever purpose they deem fit. If you wish to look up information regarding a specific person, you can do this very easily online. There are many online directories that offer you access to this information. You can also use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find out information about a specific person. These searches can provide you with the marital information of a certain person.

Marriage records in the state of Kentucky are not confidential. They are available to the general public and anyone can access them. Once you obtained your records, you can perform a research about the person in question or simply check them for yourself to determine if he or she is married. The information provided includes the names of the parties involved, their parents’ names, the year the marriage took place and more. The good thing is that all the records you want are in one place.

You can also find out about the civil unions that occurred between two people who are not legally married in Kentucky. You will be able to learn the civil union that occurred in the state of Kentucky and how it was processed and invalidated. This can help you understand what is legal and what is not when it comes to marriage in the state of Kentucky.

Some of these record sites offer the records for free but there are others who charge a fee for this information. Some of the sites even allow you to perform multiple searches with their marriage records by signing up for a membership which gives you unlimited access to their records. These membership sites also have several options to choose from. You may opt to get records on a person who has just gotten divorced, to someone who is still legally married and others.