Powell County Kentucky Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Powell County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Powell County Clerk525 Washington StreetStantonKY40380606-679-3652
Powell County Marriage License525 Washington StreetStantonKY40380606-663-6444
Clay City Clerk4651 Main StreetClayKY40312606-663-2224
Powell County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Powell County Clerk Website
Powell County Divorce Certificates
Powell County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples2,266 (46.5%)
Unmarried Couples419 (3.5%)
Never Married Men1,393 (28.6%)
Never Married Women870 (17.4%)
Separated Men85 (1.7%)
Separated Women300 (6.0%)
Widowed Men236 (4.9%)
Widowed Women538 (10.7%)
Divorced Men767 (15.8%)
Divorced Women845 (16.9%)

Marriage Records in Powhattan County – Find Out How Easy it is to Search Them

Kentucky state Vital Statistics Office (Lazard) keeps marriage records in Powell County. They maintain these records at the Central Registry of Vital Records. This means that all the records in this county are in the same place. The Central Registry is a database system that is linked with all the local government offices including public libraries and universities. When you perform a lookup for these records in this county you will get results within minutes.

There are two main ways to search for Kentucky marriage records. You can visit the Vital Records Office or conduct a records search online. When you are looking for Kentucky marriage records, you will have to contact the office either by phone or mail. You will be required to fill some simple information like name, address and date of birth and then pay a fee. After that you can get access to all the records stored in this county.

If you want to conduct online records search you need a computer. The best option for this is an internet enabled one which will allow you to search from the comfort of your home. You will require a name and any address that the couple used in their wedding. Once you have this you can go through the results. Most of the records in this county are not free, as they are linked to other county’s records so they charge a fee.

A fee is also required if you want to view certain documents such as certificates of marriage, licenses and other related documents. You can pay a nominal fee to access certain records or you may opt for the unlimited searches which will cost less. Most people find this an economical way of conducting a marriage search. However if the couple is still living together then the only option left is to make the search public. In this case you can use the Vital Records Office’s website. However, this service will be less effective as it is not linked with other county’s records.

This kind of search requires a little amount of time. It can take up to four working days before all the related records are ready. However you can do an instant check if the information has already been updated on the website by logging in using your Kentucky email address. You will be redirected to the relevant page and a progress bar will show up. If the information is available then you can proceed to the next step.

In some cases the marriage records do not contain any photograph. However if you are searching through the official website of the county, there is a possibility that you will get to see photographs of the couple. You can also try visiting the local courthouse where the marriage was solemnized. These are just some of the many ways you can search for marriage records in Powhattan County Kentucky.