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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Lincoln County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Lincoln County Clerk102 West Main StreetStanfordKY40484270-928-2162
Lincoln County Marriage License102 East Main StreetStanfordKY40484606-365-4570
Crab Orchard City Clerk224 Main StreetCrab OrchardKY40419606-355-2319
Hustonville City Hall7910 U.s. 127HustonvilleKY40437606-346-2501
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Lincoln County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples5,114 (52.3%)
Unmarried Couples773 (3.2%)
Never Married Men2,254 (23.7%)
Never Married Women1,907 (18.8%)
Separated Men277 (2.9%)
Separated Women320 (3.2%)
Widowed Men341 (3.6%)
Widowed Women971 (9.6%)
Divorced Men1,263 (13.3%)
Divorced Women1,604 (15.8%)

How to Search For Marriage Records in Lincoln County Kentucky

Marriage Records in Lincoln County, Kentucky is maintained in the vital statistics office of the county and are usually kept in microfilm. These records may be requested from the county by any individual for verification or for information. Information provided may include the names of the couple, their parents, witnesses if any, the names of the officiator and the date of marriage. The microfilms are usually retained for approximately ten years and then they are destroyed.

Marriage Records in Lincoln County is considering public records because they are controlled by the state. The records are maintained in the county’s vital statistics office along with a few other regional offices. If you are looking for marriage records in Kentucky, you will first need to obtain a copy of your marriage license. If you are not sure whether you have a license, you can go to the county recorder’s office and inquire about obtaining a copy of your license through them.

Once you have obtained your marriage license, you can either visit the recorder’s office or send a mail or fax to the office requesting information on records. The cost of this service will vary from county to county. Usually, the fee is either seven dollars or ten dollars per search. If you want more information on a particular record, the charge may be higher. You will be charged extra if you request additional information or conduct a reexamination search on the records. You will have to pay again if you want to find out anything new on the record.

To view marriage records in Kentucky, you will need to visit the regional information center. Most of these centers keep the records online. However, there may be some records that are only found in specific counties or states. To view these records, you will need to visit the website of the state or county where the marriage happened.

The fee for viewing the records varies. Sometimes you may need to access to the records through a computer or modem. Sometimes it may be free and other times it may require a phone call or mailing in an application. You will get the results of your query within about two weeks. The amount of time it takes depends on how many records you need to access.

You can also conduct the searches using the person’s name that is listed in the record. You have to use exact words in the search box in order for it to work. If you are familiar with the names of the couple, you may have an easier time searching the records. In case you are not sure of the person’s name, the records may still be searched but you may have to pay extra for it.