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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Knox County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Knox County Clerk401 Court SquareBarbourvilleKY40906606-546-3589
Knox County Marriage License401 Court SquareBarbourvilleKY40906606-546-3568
Knox County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Knox County Clerk Website
Married Couples5,224 (42.6%)
Unmarried Couples785 (2.6%)
Never Married Men3,760 (31.0%)
Never Married Women2,687 (20.4%)
Separated Men361 (3.0%)
Separated Women951 (7.2%)
Widowed Men571 (4.7%)
Widowed Women1,672 (12.7%)
Divorced Men1,904 (15.7%)
Divorced Women2,193 (16.7%)

Marriage Records in Knoxville – How to Get Them Online

What are marriage records? Have you heard of them? If you want to trace your family roots, check out some of the information about your ancestors that you can find in these records. You can get a copy of them from the county office where they were filed or from the National Archives. You may be able to get copies for free, but this is not always the case.

In order to get marriage records in Knoxville, you have to know how to go about it. It’s easier said than done and there is definitely a fee for access to these files. This fee is usually non-refundable and can cost you anything from a few dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the site you go to. However, it is worth paying for the information that you obtain.

There are paid online services that you can use for obtaining the information that you need. They are able to get the same records that you can get from the county, but they can access the files from databases that are online instead of from the courthouse in Knoxville. This means that they are able to provide you with more detailed information because they have the benefit of not having to pay for the information that they have.

The downside of using an online service for getting these records is that you will probably have to wait a while for it to be processed. Since the record needs to be downloaded and uploaded into the system, it can take a while. It also costs the company money to have all of this information available to you online. This means that the fee that they charge is likely a good bit more than what you would pay for the paper copy from the courthouse.

Another option that you have available to you if you want to get these records in Knoxville is to make a trip to the courthouse yourself. Of course, this is going to end up being a very expensive way to do so. The information that you are seeking is often only available in the most current version on the records that are available from the county. It also requires you to actually go down to the courthouse to look through the records in person. This can be a very daunting task for people who are not familiar with searching for and viewing public records online.

The best way to get these records is to utilize an online service that has access to them from multiple locations throughout the state of Tennessee. You simply fill out the information that you need and then you submit the form to get the file scanned and uploaded into your personal account. Once the information is uploaded, you will be able to access it at anytime from anywhere on the internet. You will be able to print out a copy of the file to have if you need it and then you will be able to get in touch with the other party if you wish. The process is very simple and easy one and you can easily obtain the information that you need from the comfort of your own computer chair.