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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Hart County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Hart County Clerk200 Main StreetMunfordvilleKY42765270-524-2751
Hart County Marriage License200 Main StreetMunfordvilleKY42765270-524-2751
Horse Cave City Hall121 Woodlawn StreetHorse CaveKY42749270-786-2680
Munfordville City Hall111 Main StreetMunfordvilleKY42765270-524-5701
Hart County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Hart County Clerk Website
Hart County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples4,025 (54.8%)
Unmarried Couples361 (2.0%)
Never Married Men1,675 (23.2%)
Never Married Women1,456 (19.4%)
Separated Men97 (1.3%)
Separated Women140 (1.9%)
Widowed Men224 (3.1%)
Widowed Women894 (11.9%)
Divorced Men935 (13.0%)
Divorced Women1,023 (13.6%)

Where to Look For Marriage Records in Hart County, Kentucky

When searching for marriage records in Hart County, Kentucky one will find the names of the groom and the bride and the details about their parents and other relatives. There is also additional information available like the time and place of marriage, the name of the officiator, witnesses and many more. Such information can help you make it easier to find out more about a person you are looking for. With the availability of this vital information, one can easily trace the marital history of people through the internet.

The vital information found in these marriage records are always accurate and up-to-date. The state of Kentucky is well known for the quality of its records. This is because all information provided by the government is stored and maintained in chronological order. Thus, for the convenience of the people, all kinds of information are available in these records. People can also use the free services of the county offices in searching for marriage records.

The free services are one of the best sources of information one can use. However, if one is looking for reliable public records then paid services are the ones to turn to. Although the records are often expensive, they are worth paying for. Using the records online will help one obtain the information one requires very fast and easy. All you have to do is choose from the records that match your requirements. These records are guaranteed to be accurate so as long as you pay for them, you will obtain the correct information.

These online record services usually provide information like the person’s full name, date and location of marriage, the witnesses present at the marriage ceremony, the filing date, the signature on file, the reasons for filing and the consequences of filing. There are some sites that even provide photographs of the people who were present at the ceremony. This can prove very helpful if one needs to look for lost friends or relatives. It would be even more convenient to check such records online when trying to locate old friends and relatives who have moved to other states.

When searching for records in Hart County, Kentucky one should bear in mind that the more information provided, the more it costs. This is because each record usually has a fee attached. This is actually a very good investment however, because these records are updated frequently and contain pertinent information. In most cases, these records contain the following information: names, dates, places, names of the bride and groom, times, place of marriage and the names of the witnesses. These records are very informative and one can find a lot of information with just a few clicks.

When you need to look for marriage records in Hart County, Kentucky one option would be to hire a private investigator to retrieve the information for you. This is a very good idea, especially if one needs extensive information. However, most people who need these records don’t have that much time. They would rather search for them online instead of using an investigator. And the best thing about online records is that you will be able to obtain the information in the comfort of your home.