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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Robertson County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Robertson County Clerk26 Court StreetMount OlivetKY41064606-724-5212
Robertson County Clerk127 East Walnut StreetMount OlivetKY41064606-724-5993
Robertson County Marriage License26 Court St.Mount OlivetKY41064606-724-5212
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Married Couples458 (48.8%)
Unmarried Couples51 (2.4%)
Never Married Men235 (25.7%)
Never Married Women214 (24.1%)
Separated Men28 (3.1%)
Separated Women19 (2.1%)
Widowed Men19 (2.1%)
Widowed Women94 (10.6%)
Divorced Men96 (10.5%)
Divorced Women104 (11.7%)

Where to Look For Marriage Records

The place where marriage records are kept in Robertson County, Kentucky is called the Vital Records Office of the County. The office was established in 1830 and was the forerunner of all vital record offices in the state. The original building, known as the “Phelps Historical Site”, still stands to this day. This particular building was built by Ebenezer Phelps, who later went on to found the W.P. Phelps School.

Marriage records in Robertson County, Kentucky are maintained and updated by the Social Security Administration under the provisions of the vital records act of 1970. Although these records were previously printed in microfilm form (thus becoming public), they are now available for viewing in computer databases. The information contained in these files has been transferred into a standard computer file format that can be searched by both private individuals and public agencies. This is done by requesting a copy through the internet.

Marriage records in Robertson County, Kentucky are a part of the archive of public records that are managed and maintained by the Social Security Administration under the Public Health Service Act. These records include a person’s name, date of birth, social security number, former names and addresses and the reason for filing a marriage. The marriage records are also cross-checked with the records of parents, witnesses and other individuals whose details are noted in the files. Marriage records can also be requested from the county recorder’s office, but this may take longer. Documents filed in the Probate and Probation Courts also fall within the purview of these public records. This information can be useful when someone needs to trace their family history or simply wants to locate past loved ones who have moved on.

Marriage records in Robertson County, Kentucky are considered to be public information due to the Freedom of Information Act. Anyone is allowed to view and access these records. However, there are certain restrictions as far as how and who you can get the records from. Those filing for a divorce, for example, will need to first fill out an application for a court order specifying that the marriage has been dissolved. The clerk then checks the records to ensure that they are indeed the one you’re asking for and then issues the final copy of the papers to you. Marriage records are only available from the county offices.

You can also access these records through the Vital Records Office in the state of Kentucky. However, you will not receive the same information that you would get from a local recorder’s office. It is important, however, that you’re able to find out the information you need to know through this source. The data collected from these offices is compiled into a central record and made available to anyone who requests it through a request form. It is then returned along with any applicable fees.

There are many reasons why you might want to search for marriage records. Some of these reasons might include genealogical research, tracing your family tree, checking current marital status and verifying the marital history of potential future partners. Whatever your reasons, these records are a very valuable source of information. You have the full right to request information and you have to comply with the state laws. These records are maintained by the county office where the marriages took place so it is important to make sure you are obtaining accurate information.