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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Nez Perce County Clerk Offices
Nez Perce County ClerkPO Box 896LewistonID83501208-799-3020
Peck City Clerk120 West Howard StreetPeckID83545208-486-7791
Nez Perce County Town & City Halls
Culdesac City Hall100 Sixth StCuldesacID83524208-843-5483
Lapwai City Hall315 South Main StreetLapwaiID83540208-843-2212
Lewiston City Hall1134 F StreetLewistonID83501208-746-3671
Nez Perce County Marriage License Office
Nez Perce County Marriage License1230 Main StreetLewistonID83501208-799-3020
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Nez Perce County Clerk Marriage Records
Nez Perce County Clerk, Auditor, and Recorder Website
Nez Perce County Divorce Certificates
Nez Perce County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples8,023 (49.2%)
Unmarried Couples1,166 (3.0%)
Never Married Men5,010 (31.0%)
Never Married Women3,835 (22.8%)
Separated Men130 (0.8%)
Separated Women222 (1.3%)
Widowed Men505 (3.1%)
Widowed Women1,683 (10.0%)
Divorced Men1,916 (11.9%)
Divorced Women2,648 (15.8%)

Marriage Records in Nez Perce County

Searching for marriage records in Nez Perce County Idaho can be very helpful when you are planning to remarry or when you are thinking of starting a new family. The Idaho State Files (ISF) holds marriage records of all marriages that took place in the state from maiden marriages to complete weddings. The information found in these records include the names of the bride and groom along with their parents and the state where they live. The information found in these records can be very helpful when it comes to genealogy, or when you are planning a family reunion. This is especially useful if you are going to get together with friends who are also relatives of the bride or groom.

When you are searching for information on marriage records in Idaho, you will find that there are quite a number of different counties in Idaho which have marriage records available. If you wish to conduct a search for Idaho marriage records then you will need to know the first and last name of the couple as well as their parents’ names. You can do a record search by using either the name or the last name of the person who you are looking for. If the person’s name has been entered into any of the databases, then you should be able to find that information with little difficulty. If however you have no information regarding the person’s name then you should consider typing in their middle name as this can often lead to more detailed results.

When you search the databases maintained by the State of Idaho, you will find that the databases are well organised. The websites themselves will usually offer directions as to how to conduct a search on any particular record. Most of these websites charge a fee when you conduct a search. Of course you can also look up records at no cost; however you will not be able to make a wide-ranging search as effectively as using the paid services.

Before you start searching you should have all of the information you require. You should obtain copies of your spouse’s birth certificate as well as their divorce decree. If there are no records of this on record then it is likely that you will be able to get a file number from the county office in Idaho. The file number will give you the information you require relating to the marriage record. Marriage records are maintained in the county office for an entire year, so you should be looking up records for the last five years or more if you want to trace your roots.

If you choose to search for marriage records in Idaho online, there are two main sources you can use. The first source is to try and find them through the official government website. Although the records are free, the information is spread over a great area and you may not be able to get all the records you require. The second method is to use one of the many commercial services that offer to allow you to access the records online. These services may charge a fee, but it is usually minimal and can then be used over a period of time.

There are also sites that offer to let you access these records on the internet. Although these services are free, you may only be able to access the county level records. It is worth trying both methods to see which one gives you the information you need. If you want the most detailed information then it is best to use one of the commercial records search sites. They will charge a fee but it will then allow you to access the county and national level records together, allowing you to trace your roots much easier.