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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2730)Nez Perce County Police Departments
Idaho State Police - Region I - Brand Inspector2780 North and South HighwayLewistonID83501208-799-5019
Nez Perce County Police Departments
Idaho State Police - Region Ii - Investigations313 D StreetLewistonID83501208-799-5020
Idaho State Police Region 22700 North and South HighwayLewistonID83501208-799-5151
Lapwai Police Department315 Main Street SouthLapwaiID83540208-843-2212
Lewiston Police Department1224 F StreetLewistonID83501208-746-0171
Nez Perce County Sheriff Department
Nez Perce County Sheriffs Office / Nez Perce County Adult Detention Center1150 Wall StreetLewistonID83501208-799-3131
Nez Perce County FBI Office
Lewiston Idaho FBI Office111 Main StreetLewistonID83501208-746-3440
Nez Perce County Probation Department
Nez Perce County Probation Department1113 F StreetLewistonID83501208-799-3176
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How to Search For Warrants Online

Warrant Records in Nez Perce County Idaho are kept in the same way as other county public records. The only difference is that these arrest warrants are not viewable publicly. These are filed and processed by the courts. You will need to contact the county where the warrant was filed and ask for copies of this document, otherwise you will not be able to obtain the information you are searching for. You will need to show proof that you have a valid right to the copy of the warrant.

Search by name. If the name of the person who is accused of the warrant is not on the list of names available for the public to search, this will prevent you from performing a search by name. In order to perform a search by name, you will need to either visit the court house or county courthouse or do a search using an online database. There is usually no charge for searching a warrant. This option does not allow you to look up more than one warrant.

Search by address. To find a person’s warrant information, you may be able to get it by using the person’s full name. For instance, if the suspect’s middle name is Smith and his/her full address is 632 Main Street, then you would have a piece of the warrant that matches the details you entered. The more information you have about the suspect, the easier it will be to find the warrant.

Search by state. Warrant records are stored in each state that a warrant has been issued. Each state keeps a different database for warrant searches, so if the suspect lived in another state prior to the issuance of the warrant, it is unlikely that you will find any information on it. However, if the person was to appear in Idaho, then you could obtain access to the warrant information.

Search by SSN. If the person’s Social Security number is known, then you can run a more advanced search using this number. Just as with the first search, you may have to use the person’s full name in order to narrow down the results. This way, you are likely to find the warrant, though it may not be the person you are looking for.

Performing a search online does have some advantages over a traditional public records search. Most people never even realize that the warrant they are searching for is available for public viewing. Also, because the warrant information is available for the public to see, there is less chance of privacy violations since anyone who knows the person’s name can perform a search on the Internet. If you need to search and find information on a warrant, an online public records search is a good place to start.