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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Treutlen County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Treutlen County Clerk1830 Martin Luther King JR DriveSopertonGA30457912-529-3664
Treutlen County Marriage License200 West Georgia AvenueSopertonGA30457912-529-3342
Soperton City Hall1973 Martin Luther King JR DriveSopertonGA30457912-529-6174
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Married Couples1,193 (45.3%)
Unmarried Couples56 (0.9%)
Never Married Men769 (27.6%)
Never Married Women647 (23.9%)
Separated Men238 (8.5%)
Separated Women108 (4.0%)
Widowed Men133 (4.8%)
Widowed Women391 (14.4%)
Divorced Men324 (11.6%)
Divorced Women354 (13.1%)

How To Lookup Marriage Records In Georgia

The vital records office of the State of Georgia maintains a database of marriage and divorce records. These documents include all details about the marriage such as name, date, location, place of marriage and the name of the bride and groom. This is one of the most important public records which you can find in Georgia. It is also one of the most useful if you need information on someone else’s marriage. Georgia Marriage Records can help you gather vital information on all parties involved in your marriage.

These records are maintained at the local register of deeds office. However, it requires a formal request to get the data and this may take a few days. After you have made the request, you will receive a paper with the information about your request. This paper will contain the information you requested as well as instructions about how to proceed further.

If you need to do a marriage records search, you can either visit the office directly or do it online through a website. Both ways can give you the records in no time. The website method is very easy and convenient, while the direct approach is a bit expensive.

But there is no fee if you want to conduct an online search. This is usually done free of charge, although some sites offer a minimal fee for the purpose of conducting a record search. All you have to do is register with the website and give them the information you want to search.

On certain occasions, the state government may conduct a public records search for some particular reasons. But these instances are very rare. It is also not known when the government might offer free-of-charge access to some information. So if you want the information quickly, then the most practical way is to register with a site that charges a minimal fee.

Marriage records are considered public records. Hence anyone can conduct a search on the details contained in them. They are widely used by the public and most states offer the services for free. You will have to provide minimal information before the records will be released to you. This is the reason why conducting a marriage records search in Georgia is so fast and convenient.

There are many ways to find the records you need. You can employ a private investigator to do the job for you. This could cost you some money but it is usually worth every penny. If you do not have the resources to hire a professional, then conducting a simple Internet search using the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN is also a good idea. Most of the data you will get will be highly detailed and you will need to exert some effort to retrieve them.

Marriage records are important in the event of a wedding since it helps prove the legal union of the couple. It is also used by some attorneys when they perform legal research on prospective clients. Thus, if you are thinking of getting married or if your partner is planning to get married, then this is the perfect time to conduct a marriage record search. Georgia has made it easier for people to access marriage records in Treutlen County by making the laws less complicated.