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Clay County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Clay County ClerkPO Box 519Fort GainesGA39851229-768-3238
Clay County Marriage License210 Washington StreetFort GainesGA39851912-768-2445
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Clay County Probate Judge Website
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Married Couples418 (36.2%)
Unmarried Couples114 (3.8%)
Never Married Men502 (40.5%)
Never Married Women362 (30.2%)
Separated Men73 (5.9%)
Separated Women91 (7.6%)
Widowed Men85 (6.9%)
Widowed Women213 (17.8%)
Divorced Men96 (7.8%)
Divorced Women70 (5.8%)

Marriage Records In Clay County Georgia

Marriage Records in Georgia is maintained by the Georgia Department of Public Health under the responsibility of the Georgia Vital Records Registry. The state of Georgia has legal and civil registries for marriages, divorce, birth and death certificates. Marriage Records in Georgia can be obtained from the county recorder’s office or any other designated place. There are specific requirements for marriage certificate in Georgia. To obtain the records you need to fill an application form with relevant information like name of the groom or bride, date of marriage and the state where the wedding is going to take place. The above mentioned information will be cross verified and if you are eligible for a copy of your marriage record you will receive a certified copy through mail within about two weeks.

Marriage Records in Georgia can be used for many purposes like getting information on a family member or finding out more about someone you have come across. The best place to look for marriage records in Georgia is the Georgia Department of Public Health in the county where the wedding took place or any other designated place for records. You can also use the information you get for checking your family tree or genealogy. Many people also use these records to file legal matters such as divorce, renaming or changing names of children etc. These records also provide important information like address history, telephone numbers etc.

Marriage records are available for all states in America except the States of Illinois, Kansas and Nevada that do not have laws pertaining to marriage records. Marriage records are public information and anyone can get this information from the government offices either online or offline. However, to get the records you will have to pay for it which can be as much as fifty dollars depending upon the county you live in. Some counties give you free copies of marriage records, while some states charge high administrative fees. Some private companies offer free marriage records but you have to pay for this service.

Most counties in Georgia allow you to conduct a free search for the records but some will charge nominal fees for the information. The fee is usually minimal as the records are usually readily available and you get the full record with the free search. The details you get will include the names of the couple, parents, witnesses, officiator, witnesses etc.

Marriage records in Georgia are now easily accessible thanks to the internet. In fact many of the records can be retrieved within an hour through the various search engines. The details can be retrieved for free through some commercial websites that offer marriage records and other related information. However, the records are scanned and they may not be accurate. Hence you need to invest some time in collecting the information you need.

The free searches do not contain the most current information, so you have to consult with the county office in order to obtain the most current information. Once you have all the information, you will need to fill out the forms and submit them to the appropriate office. However, you can obtain more information by consulting the county office for fee-based information. This will ensure that you have access to the records that are in your best interest and it will also give you peace of mind. You should always keep in mind that the records are for your own records and you need to make sure you have them recorded in the right way.