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Miller County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Miller County Clerk400 Laurel StreetTexarkanaAR71854870-774-1501
Miller County Marriage License400 Laurel Street Suite 105TexarkanaAR71854870-774-1501
Garland City City Hall104 East 5th StreetTexarkanaAR71854870-683-2289
Texarkana City Hall216 Walnut StreetTexarkanaAR71854870-779-4991
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Miller County Clerk Website
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Married Couples7,934 (46.6%)
Unmarried Couples1,082 (2.5%)
Never Married Men5,357 (31.5%)
Never Married Women4,323 (24.0%)
Separated Men437 (2.6%)
Separated Women781 (4.3%)
Widowed Men439 (2.6%)
Widowed Women2,148 (11.9%)
Divorced Men2,394 (14.1%)
Divorced Women2,512 (13.9%)

How to Search for Marriage Records in Magnum County Arkansas

Marriage Records in Miller County, Arkansas are maintained by the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can request a copy of your own marriage records from the Arkansas Vital Statistics Office (AVSO) at the Social Security Administration’s Central Processing Station in Little Rock. However, it is important to realize that such records are not processed automatically, and you will have to pay a fee for this service. Applying for a free copy of your records is also an option, but you may wait weeks or even months for one to arrive. If you have made a plan to get married in Miller County, it is best to prepare yourself with all the necessary requirements before heading to the Social Security Administration’s Central Processing Station in Little Rock.

As defined under the law, marriage records contain vital personal information about the parties involved in the marriage. They include the names of the bride and groom, their parents or legal guardians, witnesses, and others. The record contains the name of the officiator of the ceremony, the state where the wedding was performed, and where the wedding took place.

Marriage records also show if the couple has ever been divorced or if they’re still legally single. It can also tell you more about your family history, if you’re related to anyone who’s not spouse-less, and you can check on anyone who claimed to be someone else on the wedding day. Today, you can actually do everything you’d want from this record, aside from viewing it in person at the Arkansas Vital Statistics Office. The process has become remarkably convenient and fast.

When it comes to applying for marriage records, it usually takes around two weeks. After submitting the required forms (usually in person at the office), you’ll be told whether your request is being granted or denied. Of course, the actual waiting time depends on how complex your request is. You can expect it to take a week or two, but the wait will be worth it if you can finally have a look at your own personal copy of the records.

However, there are instances when you won’t be able to access the records that you’re looking for immediately. If for instance, you were asked to sign some kind of waiver before gaining access to the records or you were given access to them but the records you’re looking for are nowhere to be found, it may be necessary for you to go through a court process in order to get the records that you’re looking for. Keep in mind though, that if the courts determine that you were denied proper access to the records, you’ll still have to go through the legal procedures in order to prove your claim. But by then, you’ve already got your marriage records.

So now that you know how easy it is to find yourself your own copy of the marriage records, the next step is to actually search for them. If you’re looking to search online, the best way to do this is to use major search engines like Yahoo or Google. You can type “Wisconsin marriage records” or “miller county records” and you should be given a list of the websites that offer this kind of service. From there, you can choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Just remember to make sure that they’re legal sites and that you have their permission to search their marriage records before you give them your personal information.